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The function of antivirus

The seven antiviruses for viruses in different storage units (hard drives, CDs, DVDs?) And in areas where it is more likely to hide unwanted application (such as the system registry, main memory, or the boot sectors) and the files in use at all times, which is known as "real time". The biggest difference between a virus and others is that AVG and Panda just have to configure while programs such as Norton, very complete, are also very difficult to investigate and allow more detailed range of configuration options, interesting for a user but overwhelming to the neophyte.

AVG, McAfee and Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007 are the only firewall or 'firewall'. This service monitors the Internet connection and warns of any transmission, asking the user to allow or block the: thus only accept connections from known programs (Internet browser, instant messaging, email ...) and discovered the connections hidden viruses trying to do. The use of firewalls is highly recommended, but rarely purchase is necessary: Windows XP incorporates this service standard. For Mac pc check

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for the latest updates.

Email is one of the main routes of entry of the virus. All these programs analyze incoming mail, but the two do not analyze Panda 'mails' that the visitor sends. Also, check out the post Panda once they have been received, while the rest is done prior to discharge (and therefore are safer).

As protection against spyware conventional (that are installed on your computer and steal information), the seven detected, but not with a new threat that spyware posing as conventional applications (the 'spyware -Trojan ', which ironically on numerous occasions tools posing as' spyware'): the worst were Kaspersky and NOD32, which did not detect any while McAfee and Panda Antivirus 2007 only able to half. In any case, all symptoms ended (as modifying parameters Internet browsing), but will not detect its origin.

As for phishing (websites pretending to be legitimate to steal information, such as those posing as a bank) and the two Panda McAfee detected emails hook serving to publicize these false sites have a reputation system that evaluates web pages and warns of fraudulent. Karspersky not detect the emails, but locks the page illegitimate when the user wants to use. Kaspersky claims to be compatible with Windows Vista, but Eroski CONSUMER technicians were unable to complete the installation.

AVG includes a spam filter (filters out unwanted email, but fails much: 53% of the messages or considered spam without being passed through the filter or undeservedly), Kaspersky and McAfee can create copies of recovery if the hard drive fails (which is known as 'backup'), McAfee provides further useful tools for monitoring the system. Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007 is the only one with an intrusion detection system for wireless networks (WiFi), very interesting for those who use that technology.

User Help

The seven are automatically updated within 48 hours and respond to questions by email or through forms on their websites. CONSUMER tested to Eroski these services consulting on the installation process, the management of the application or the detection and removal of threats: all were answered in less than two days, including weekend launched. AVG failed in this test, because despite their diligence answering questions, can only be done in English.

Panda, Kaspersky and Norton are the only addition to the documentation in electronic format (PDF) the written offer: more comfortable for the consumer but worse from an environmental perspective. The seven have extensive online library and features reports on the dangers of each virus.

In the hands of users

Six women and ten men (computer users but not experts) tested these antivirus. Generally believed that the seven are simple to install, update and use, but nuanced. In AVG did not like that during the installation asks which programs should have access to the Internet (most unknown, so it is more effective than the first time I ask that each application tries to connect). The translation of texts originated McAfee confusion, this program also provided information during the installation simple. Installation of Kaspersky did not like because it examines the computer automatically when finished. As for Norton, users complained that slowed the computer and installed the Yahoo! toolbar (unnecessary and has nothing to do with the protection). NOD32 is the most difficult to use, especially at first, and alert messages, which are not sufficiently clear, scarier than reassuring. As for Panda, the analysis did not stop when it detects a virus that forces be aware of the team during it.

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