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Recording Online Automobile Videos for Offline Viewing with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

If you’re an automobile enthusiast then you probably know that there is a considerable amount of video content available online. Ranging from shows and programs about the auto industry to racing videos or even stunts, crashes and futuristic concepts – the sheer variety of amazing videos that you could watch is nothing less than impressive.

That being said for all of its diversity, because most of this content takes the form of online video streams it does have a drawback – it can’t be watched offline. As such you won’t be able to watch the videos if you don’t have an active internet connection, or if it is unstable or has bandwidth limitations in place. The good news is that the way around that is easy enough with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

Essentially the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will allow you to use video capture for Mac to record footage directly from your screen. That means that in this case all you need to do is set it up to record the area where the automobile video you want to save is playing by:

  1. Setting the capture frame to encompass the video that you want to record.
  2. Checking the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’ so it records the audio from the video.
  3. Playing the video and starting the recording at the same time by pressing ‘REC’.
  4. Saving the video when the recording is done.

Apart from being so straightforward, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will also provide you with various tools to make things more convenient. With the hotkeys available you can manage and control the recording, and you can also set a timer to automatically stop it after a certain duration. On top of that you can then edit the video that you record to trim out unwanted footage, enhance its quality, add audio tracks, insert stylish transitions, and much more.

As you can see, recording online automobile videos and saving them for offline viewing is really a piece of cake with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. With the additional features that it brings to the table you could even do a lot more if you choose to – and may want to consider creating your own content to share with others too.

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