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Opel Astra BiTurbo

'S Opel Astra sees growing up its diesel range: on the German debut of the compact BiTurbo 2.0 CDTI engine from 195 hp and 400 Nm launched in recent months on the Insignia. The units will be available on both five-door version, both on the Sports Tourer: first, by virtue of the 226 km / h top (against the 222 of the family), the Astra diesel is faster than ever. Be stressed that the House has informed the European level of this engine also offered on the GTC, which apparently will not be marketed in Italy.

In Italy in January. According to the statements of the House, the model is able to limit the consumption on the average cycle time for approval by the 5.1 l/100 km, equal to 134 g / km of CO2. The value is identical to sedan and station, was achieved through the adoption of the Start & Stop and a series of care aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the engine. The Astra CDTI BiTurbo will reach dealerships in Italian next January.

Sequential turbines. The Astra diesel with 195 hp is equipped with two turbines of different sizes (and two intercoolers, one for turbine) which come into function in a sequential manner: the smaller has the function to reduce the effect turbo- lag at low revs, and allows the engine to deliver 320 Nm (80% of maximum torque) from 1,250 rpm already. Mid-range the two turbines operate together, with the impeller largest pre-compressing the intake air, prior to compression proper, which is assigned to the smallest. Above 3,000 rpm, then, remains in operation only the big turbo.

Small technical differences. It should be pointed out that the Astra and Insignia united by the same engine, however, are divided by a technical difference imposed by the different availability of space within the two engine rooms: BiTurbo to mount on the compact, the designers the Opel had to move the two intercooler to a different location.

Details of style. BiTurbo The Astra is distinguished by quieter engines for a variety of aesthetic details: a crossbar in the center of the grille is body color, the design of integrated air intake in the bumper is specific, and the window frame is chrome. In the rear are to be seen the two tailpipes and more aggressive bumper design. The interior is characterized ultimately for the covering in Jet Black with Red Magic stitching on seats, door panels and shift lever. The leather covered steering wheel finally, the lower edge of plate, further habit flavor sports.

Security systems. The new variant of the Opel Eye offers a series of second generation sign recognition, lane departure warning, indicator of the safety distance, forward collision alert and rear camera. There are also bi-xenon AFL + with variable distribution function of the beam and cornering.

Finishing touches to the frame. Version of the Astra BiTurbo differs from the others for some interventions to suspension: this version of the bushes have been changed, the springs stiffened and lowered suspension. The rear axle was finally revised to reduce the rolling phenomena of the case. Customers can then request the adaptive FlexRide chassis, which provides the driving modes Standard, Tour and Sport.

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