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Different Types of Suspension Lift Kits

Types Of Suspension Lift Kits

If you are considering on adding a suspension life kit to your vehicle, you will always want to speak with a professional to help select the best style for you. These kits are used to add style, enhance off-road driving and your vehicle will have higher performance. The types of kits do vary and are based on the type of drive train that your vehicle has. The professional installation can become quite expensive but you will be free from constant repairs, breakdowns and you will be avoiding any type of accidents that could occur.

Lifted Spring Suspension Kits

When you add this suspension kit to your vehicle, it will add a couple of inches of clearance, and bigger tires can then be used. This is the most common type of kit that is used, and you will always remain in control while driving. There are no known road safety issues by having this kit installed to your vehicle.

Shackle Suspension Lift Kits

These kits are affordable and will give your vehicle that enhanced off-road look, but it's not intended to go off road. The kit does not offer the safety requirement that the off-road drivers need.

Coil Suspension Lift Kits

The cost of this kit is on the more expensive side but they are absolutely the best kit that you can add to your vehicle. You can be driving on the expressway and then pull off the road to do some heavy of-the-road fun. Here are some great vendors for lift kits
1. SDTruckSprings.com
2. AllSportsLiftKits.com
3. Truxxx.com

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