Can I Drive My Mustang Through the Winter?

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One of the most frequently asked questions among new Mustang owners in Canada is whether or not they can keep driving their favourite car through the winter.

For drivers in colder climes, where the snowy season accounts for as much as three-quarters to a third of the year, deciding when to pack in a high performance car can be an excruciating one.

On the one hand, no one wants to forego the raw excitement of taking their Mustang out on the open road for even a day longer than is necessary; on the other, winter is tough on even the best-made vehicles, and many drivers worry that keeping their Mustang on the road through the winter can do lasting damage.

The good news is that, even in snowy provinces like Ontario, it is not uncommon for people to drive their Mustangs year-round, with the proper precautions. In addition to giving your car a full tune-up before winter sets in, it is a good idea to have your regular tires replaced with winter tires that will offer you better traction on icy and snowy roads.

The tread pattern design on winter tires makes it easier for them to grab hold of slippery macadam, and because they are made from softer rubber, they have an increased amount of surface area for gripping the highway.

Many Mustang drivers also claim that weighing down the trunk by loading it with bags of road salt or gravel provides useful ballast that keeps the car’s rear wheels from swerving and jack-knifing on icy roads.

But the biggest issue drivers will face when taking their Mustang out in January or February is simply the age of the car itself. Not only has Mustang design changed considerably over the years, a newer car is always going to be better suited to navigating difficult driving conditions and adapting to changes in temperature.

For example, if you test drive the new Ford Mustang GT on a winter road outside Toronto, you’ll likely find that it provides you with the stability, centre of gravity, and performance you need to drive confidently through a blizzard. If you take out an un-refurbished model from the late-90s, you’ll probably have a different experience.

This is why it can be worthwhile to upgrade your current Mustang to a newer model. While a vintage model can give you unlimited driving pleasure on the freeways of California, if you’re living in the Greater Toronto Area you’ll want to think strategically about the benefits of trading in your classic for a brand new 2019 Mustang that you’ll be able to drive year round. And if you shop for a new Mustang in the winter, you’ll also benefit from seasonal sales and the comparatively slower traffic in pony cars that comes during the off-season. When June comes around, everyone is going to want to buy a Mustang, but you’ll probably get a better price if you visit your local dealership on a weekday in February.

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Ford Figo The Small Car for Everyone


Ford Motors, the American automobile giant operates in India through its fully owned subsidiary Ford India, since 1995. The company had moderate success in the Indian market, which was dominated by Indian players like Maruti, Tata and Mahindra among others. This was mainly due to two factors – at that time, Indians were not very confident about foreign brands and the big foreign cars were out of reach for most of the Indians. However, it took almost no time for Ford to understand the mindset of the Indian customers and they began producing cars that suited Indian tastes and preferences.

As a result, in March 2010, Ford India introduced their new small car, named Figo. This car was built based on the Fiesta platform and was instantly noticed by the Indian car buyers. India is an ever-growing market as far as hatchbacks are concerned and the Figo too joined the bandwagon. The car became a best seller for Ford India and won many accolades and awards. Recently, the makers gave it a facelift to keep it in line with the changing times, tastes and preferences. For Information on Ford Best selling SUV.

The current version of Figo is a highly improved model over its predecessor. It comes with great styling, wonderful colour options and is spacious on the inside. Figo is a powerful performer and comes in sporty and attractive design language. It became an instant success in the Indian market. Priced at an ex-showroom range of INR 386278/- to 599900/-, the 2013 Ford Figo sports a stylish exterior. It comes with features like new hexagonal grill, revamped front bumper and headlamps, fog lamps, taillights; trendy 14-inches alloy wheels and so on. The makers added two more color options – Bright Yellow and Kinetic Blue, to the existing range of colours.

The petrol variant of Ford Figo is powered by a 1.2-litre Duratec engine that produces a top power of 70.03 bhp and a peak torque of 102 Nm. On the other hand, the diesel engine under the hood is a 1.4-litre Duratorq power mill with the capacity to generate 68.05 bhp of top power and 160 Nm of peak torque. Both the variants come with five-speed manual transmission gearbox. The mileages are 15.6 kmpl and 20 kmpl for both variants respectively.

Though small, it is a powerful performer. The top speed of Figo is 170 kmph and the car takes just 15.5 seconds to reach the speed of 100 kmph from idle.

Figo offers good safety features too. It comes with disc brakes at front and drum brakes at the rear. Advanced features like ABS with EBD, dual front airbags, three-point seat belts for all passengers, central lock with intelligent keyless entry are the other safety features included in Figo.

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