Surviving Christmas Road Trips


Are you dreading the annual road trip with a car full of kids and presents?  While arriving at your destination is always the fun part, with a few simple tips and adequate advanced planning, any car trip can run smoothly.

The most important first step is to head to Advance Auto Parts well in advance of your trip to ensure your car is in perfect working condition to incur the miles ahead.  The last thing you want is to have a break down or tire blow out in the middle of the night that could have been avoided with preventive maintenance.

If you’re able to secure an extra iPad or two, purchase a monthly subscription to a movie streaming service and download a large selection of movies to keep the back seat drivers busy.  Movies, along with plenty of healthy snacks, will keep the crew happy for the duration.

If you’re driving through large cities to get to your final destination, plan the timing of your trip such that you pass through cities during non-rush hour times.  You’ll be glad you did.  This will also ensure you arrive at your final destination as close as possible to the designated time. Check live traffic and construction reports on smartphones for detour options.

Last, be sure to stop at least every two hours. Fatigue is the number one cause of highway accidents. If possible, switch drivers every two hours to ensure adequate sleep and rest time for all drivers. You can plan stops ahead of time at places where you know there will be good restaurants for the whole family. Be sure to take some time away from movies and shut eye for, wait for it, actual conversation!  You’ll be glad you did as these road trips are part of building holiday memories for every family.  Happy Holidays!

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