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Xenatec Maybach Coupe

The 2 +2 bach
The Maybach Exelero was a spectacular show car that never went into production. But now the company does Xenatec from Baden-Wuerttemberg for the Maybach 57 S luxury coupe for the super rich.

The Maybach is an exclusive car - Daimler to taste a little too exclusive. Until today, the luxury cars, an extremely rare sight on the boulevards of the rich and famous worldwide in 2009 only 200 vehicles were sold. S-models, Landaulet, Zeppelin - always came up with something new division of Daimler-precious, but it did not drive the sales in the desired heights.

The Exelero show car, which was launched together with a tire manufacturer to life, was just a hot focal point for high-speed runs. Some were already out of it, Maybach, Daimler will bury, but they would not give the nakedness of Stuttgart. With a facelift as life-prolonging measure is the luxury cruiser point, especially in China.

There and in the Middle East are likely the most customers for the coupe Xenatec sitting, probably the most exclusive two-door car in the world. The company Xenatec from vineyard near Heilbronn supplies body parts for the automotive industry, designed special vehicles and prototypes.

The new coupe is created based on the Maybach 57 S and visually reminds a little of the Mercedes CL - which is no wonder, the Maybach is based on the old S-class. The coupe with the rear-sloping roofline that transitions seamlessly into the trunk can be seen. A wide sill and trapezoidal tailpipes are the graduates, and fell on the front LED daytime running lights in the eye. The Xenatec coupe was designed by Fredrik Burchhardt, who also had the Exelero.

The coupe was designed for "self-drive in the luxury class," says Vineyard. The car is 5.73 meters, as long as the Maybach limousine, it measures without mirrors 1.98 meters wide and 1.54 meters in height. To construct had the body of the Maybach 57 S at the front are completely changed. Among others, there is another larger windshield and doors that allow the rear-seat passengers a comfortable entry.

Impressive views
The long wheelbase of 3.4 meters ensures ample space in the rear. Doors and sills and bumpers front and rear were completely redesigned. The rear track width grew by 20 millimeters, the coupe rolls on standard 20-inch wheels or optional 21-inchers on. Another option for a glass roof makes for impressive views of the skyline of the city - probably mostly in Moscow, Dubai and Shanghai. The luggage capacity of the coupe with 605 liters corresponds exactly to the sedan.

The power train of the vehicle remains the same under the hood that is a twelve-cylinder with 630 horsepower and sits 1000 Newton meters of torque. The speed of the car is 275 km / h. The average consumption is 16.4 liters per 100 kilometers, slightly higher than the sedan, which for the well-heeled customers certainly should not play a role.

The Xenatec Coupe is manufactured in the body manufacture vineyard and costs per unit € 675 000 - excluding VAT, of course. In Germany you have to shell out for the noble carriage so more than 800,000 €.

At the interior, the customer has the same choices as the sedan, so he can choose from individual leather trim to the scent-bottle all that is feasible and does not speak against their own financial status. "The possibilities for customization are almost no limits - even if not, when should it be the wish of armor," said a company spokesman.

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