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When to identify a car as a total loss?

Having an accident behind the wheel is a huge shock to a driver, and once the people have been checked over, attention will turn to the damaged vehicle. Sometimes, it’s obvious that a car is a write off. For example, if the entire front is crushed, then the engine damage might be too bad to repair. However, in some cases, it can seem like a car is an easy fix, but the damage might be worse than initially feared. Some people wonder whether it’s worth trying to get the car repaired, or whether to declare it as a write off, so here’s a quick guide of things to consider.


Get a professional opinion

Even if a car looks wrecked to the average person, someone who is experienced in smash repairs may still be able to salvage the car back to a decent condition. It’s important that the crash is reported to the owner’s insurance company, as whether the owner claims for a write off or for repairs, it’ll ultimately be paid for by the insurer.

Some people who are attached to their cars might disagree with the decision to write it off. In these cases, they might want to go to a specialist garage, and perhaps pay out of pocket for the repairs. However, it’s important not to throw money away if the car is unfixable.




A car is ‘written-off’ when the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the car. Insurers will calculate whether it’s cheaper for them to simply replace the car, or whether to cover the cost of repairs. In some cases, relatively minor damage to a car can see it written-off, as the cost of parts and labour would simply be too much. Owners of older car models may find their insurer can be keen to write-off their car, as parts can be harder to come across, and can be more expensive.


Time and effort

Owners should consider whether the time and effort of repairing their vehicle is worth it. They’ll often be given a courtesy car, but it can still be inconvenient to have a car in the garage. It’s sometimes easier to just collect the insurance cheque and buy a new car.


Structural damage

It’s not just the mechanics of a vehicle that need to be assessed. Structural damage to panels can leave the car unsafe to drive, as well as cosmetically damaged. Companies such as K&W Panel Beating can ensure that crash damage is repaired, and that the car is back to a good condition. This will also ensure that the car is weatherproof and secure when it returns to the road.


Crash damage can vary from small bumps to complete write-offs, and everything in-between. It’s important that vehicles are looked at as quickly as possible after the crash, and assessed to see the length of damage. This makes it more likely that insurance claims will get dealt with quickly, and that a realistic picture can be built up about the extent of the damage.


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