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What is transportation management software?

The objective of

transportation management software

is simplifying systems management TMS and provide reliable and complete information to travelers.

Transportation management software assists users to provide transportation information, prepare roadmaps, invoices and tracking statistics. They have different functions software to another. They are not all designed for the same types of transport on demand or for similar purposes.

From a certain level of wealth of the supply of transport, the use of

transportation management solutions

can reduce the time and cost management system and ensures complete information to users.

How do you know if you need this software?

If you recognize yourself in the following statements, you certainly do not need software for managing transport demand.

  • My offer transportation is very easy to remember. Complete description of the schedule is in one or two pages.
  • The offer of transport is entrusted to one or two carriers, which are themselves bookings.
  • The control of these reservations and execution seems sufficient.
  • Carriers provide me with good statistics and comparable. Otherwise, it is likely that such software will be useful. Find and compare!

What is the difference between software management, central reservation and a mobility center?

A central reservation is reservation software that records and provides the carrier with the list of persons to take charge. Most central reservations also provide an information function more or less complete. A transportation management software demand ensures more information and reservations, the functions related to billing and statistical analysis. It should for example take into account the particularities of agreements for each service.

A mobility center is a structure (association, agency, public service ...) whose function is to facilitate the mobility of its users (citizens of a country, for example). If the mobility center provides information and takes reservations, it also works with carriers, businesses, governments, shopping centers ... to improve local transport system by the animation and dialogue. It identifies initiatives mobility, evaluates and attempts to "swarm" of other parts of the country.

Software "mobility center" are primarily tools of information transport. It almost always includes functions reservation and sometimes more or less advanced tools for the actual management of the transportation system. But this software helps to ensure that part of the central missions of mobility, and it would have been more correct to call these tools

logistics management software

or "central multimodal information "... Despite this, the term "mobility center" now refers to the structure as the management software on-demand transport...

When and how to choose a transportation management software on demand?

Purchasing management software transport demand (also called "mobility center") is a major investment, a much higher cost than a word processor or a spreadsheet. For some programs, it should also be added the costs of using more or less strong and recurring (assistance contracts, royalties, maintenance ...) Most publishers of "mobility centers" to encourage potential customers to choose their tool before choosing their own transportation solution.

We strongly recommend the opposite solution: do not choose your TAD management software, information or reservation until you clear your guidance transportation project. Thus, your software will be adapted to your needs and not the reverse.

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