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Tires car: expert advice to make the most

The car tires are one of the most important for the proper functioning of a car. It is only necessary to carefully choose the most suitable tire for your vehicle, also according to their driving style and road and weather conditions, but it is also important to keep in the proper state of repair. Two parameters in particular are essential for the proper use of car tires: pressure and wear. Out frequent and timely intervention can significantly lengthen the life of the tires, as well as improve safety and efficiency of the car.

Car Tires: Pressure
Proper tire pressure affects more than you think on various performance parameters of our car. Road holding, precise steering, even the fuel consumption can be optimized while maintaining the proper inflation of tires. Therefore it is important to check the pressure at least once or twice a month and always before a trip.

What are the potential problems caused by a car tire pressure is not correct? First, it increases the possibility of bursting of the wheel, with obvious security risks. When the rubber is too inflated, the tread wears out too much in the center, while too low pressure will be greater the level of wear on the outside.

Car Tires: Pressure Control
Since, we hardly go to a tire or a garage to check the pressure of their tires. First it is important to know the levels recommended for your car, which are often indicated on a label inside the car and the manual and maintenance.

Once parked the car near the tube with a pressure gauge is present in almost all the gas stations you can remove the tube valve of the compressor to put the gun: a trigger released, the needle indicates the pressure pushing you into the air in the tire until you reach the desired pressure. Attention: it is good practice to do this on cold tires.

Car Tires: The State Of Wear
In addition to pressure is important to monitor the wear of their tires. It’s important to remember that these are ruined even if not used. A periodic check of the conditions of their wheels,even when the car stands still for long periods, is therefore strongly recommended.

For a proper use of car tires is therefore important to verify that the wear is uniform, by checking the correct inflation pressure. Also, we need to pay particular attention to the sidewalk, the holes and unevenness that may damage the tires or eat improperly. Finally, remember that the depth of the blocks must be at least 1.6 mm.

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