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The Easiest Car Models for DIY Auto Repairs

With the hundreds of components needed to make a car run smoothly and with all the creature comforts we’ve come to expect, there are virtually infinite ways to arrange everything under the bonnet. Each different year, make and model car can seem like the last frontier considering how differently everything is organised in there, and some make at-home car repairs and installing replacement parts much easier than others.


On this list of the easiest car models for do-it-yourself repairs and replacement parts, you’ll notice one obvious theme: there are exactly zero European makes on here. Typical European cars are very compact compared to, say, American brands, which makes working on them much more complicated. Everything is packed in very tight and many components are in hard to reach places. Now, there are plenty of smaller sedan type automobiles on this list, but they are a bit roomier and give you plenty of room to crank a wrench around.


Top 7 car models for easy repairs


1. Jeep Wrangler: a highly modular set up with lots of room to breathe. Everything you would need to reach for most repairs is easily accessible and the overall organisation of components is simple and classic.


2. Subaru Forrester: along with some other Subaru models like the BRZ, this is a very simple engine bay layout. The motor is easy to pull if need be, and important elements are accessible. On the BRZ, the oil filter is particularly easy to reach. As a bonus, some of these models were jointly developed with Toyota, so there’s some crossover here in the Scion FR-S, for example.


3. Toyota Corolla: this car might be known as one that doesn’t seem to have changed at all in the past decade, but that is actually a benefit when it comes to doing your own car repairs. No surprises here!


4. Honda Accord: overall well-spaced layout of all components under the bonnet with everything easily accessible. There’s also a handy O2 sensor within reach right in front of the motor, which is brilliant, because it’s always the hard to get to sensors that need to be replaced.


5. Hyundai Genesis: there is lots of room to move around in here largely thanks to the absence of that gigantic plastic “hat” covering the engine. Easy to change fluids, spark plugs, alternator, and more.


6. Chevy Cruze: all around good organisation and everything is easy to see at a glance and easy to get to when you need to tinker around with something.


7. Toyota Tacoma: it is very comfortable in this pickup truck model, more space than you’ll know what to do with. No worries about squeezing into tight spaces with your wrench in here.


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