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Technician-PK: Montreal, 2013 & restart rules

The race weekend in Montreal, the regulations for 2013 and the controversial restart rules have been in the FIA-PK on Friday discussed in detail.

One could not overlook that instead of the team leaders were the technicians at the word this time, because in the FIA press conference on Friday, it was not about the unfortunate Bahrain affair, but rather about the race weekend in Montreal and some other issues that are controversial at present. The panel discussion consisted of Andrew Green (Technical Director, Force India), Paddy Lowe (McLaren technical director), Sam Michael (Technical Director, Williams), EB (Renault team boss) and Pat Fry (Ferrari technical director).

Question: "Andrew, Force India was in the low-downforce tracks are quite strong. This is a low-downforce track and it actually seems to back the case not be to rush it? you were today."

Andrew Green: "It seems that we would be the route are, that's right - little downforce, low drag, if you will.. The car seems to be low-downforce to setup well we work. We follow the do not actively actually have a more balanced car, because at high-downforce tracks we have to struggle a little - from those we come forth now.. But it is nice to here a little bit aggressive "to be

Team participates in protection Sutil Question: "Are today with drivers down. Your three Do you think it has contributed to the accident that Adrian Sutil could not go on morning?"

Green: I do. not Adrian "knows the track really well. think it was just bad luck that he turn seven understeer was outgoing session. As to the dirty part of it was cracked, he can not wall. Too bad, so because he could end to drive. I'm sure he would otherwise have been so good as Paul. But I do not think it was a big deal for him, now not to go tomorrow. "

Question: "Paul di Resta to a route, he does not know, work done extraordinary, is not it?"

Green: "again. Yes, he comes fast Rather. He needs only a handful of laps to impressive speed to come.."

Question: "what for low-downforce set-up you have one? Paddy Do you have a separate low-downforce package is past? it as extreme as in the?"

"The rules are forcing us into an ever tighter corset." Paddy Lowe: "Nothing special, nothing that we made ​​in the past have not Canada. The rules force us into an ever tighter corset, so that the differences between a high-downforce circuit like Monaco and a low-downforce circuit like always smaller. This is us on. "

Question: "Does DRS contributes, too?"

Each Formula 1 news directly on your time! Get free show directly after the publication of any Formula 1 headlines automatically discreetly on your time do not miss any news because everything! Sounds complicated, but is quite simple: even for laymen quickly installed and immediately operational! Lowe: "not so great, believe it. I do for the race expects to DRS not as a routine element, therefore, is for the DRS race performance not a factor."

Question: "We are approaching a DRS. to go where there are two zones of the DRS. How do you see the terms of the first drivers? they are only in the second zone or get in?"

Lowe: The first zone is longer than the second and would be anyway a natural Überholpassage. "I think we have to see how Sunday is developing DRS. If you overtake what the first zone can be of a normally should, then brings you also an advantage in the second zone to a head start on those driving out whom you've just overhauled - perhaps not the outcome is. desired that "

DRS-second zone, a second chance?

"This could prevent a lock when the car in front once messed up the output from the target harassment. But if you do not overtake in the first zone hammer out and only close to it are, then you can do it in the second zone to try once more to see. We will . It is the first time, an interesting experiment. "

Question: "McLaren and Ferrari have the Canadian Grand Prix ever won eleven times to celebrate. What chance is estimated to be a twelfth victory this time?"

Lowe: "This is obviously our desire one. We were in Monaco a good chance and would there almost series won. we here the if to make up, could be with the fantastic. That would be the points which we for the, second third of the season need to a couple of McLaren-Bull wins to start instead of Red. But given the current balance of power is obvious that other teams look fast. It could be closely much, so it will definitely be an interesting race. But yes, we want it . win "

Question: "Sam, when you turn the tide seems to be better. you had a botched start of the season is. Is the feeling right, that it slowly?"

SM: Yes. "In the last three or four races we have begun to better qualify our car. We still have only two points, but since the first race is turning us definitely succeeded. We get a lot of new parts to the we had earlier should have, but for various reasons it was difficult for us to be screwed to the car and bring it to work. "

"But in the last race we made some good steps in Canada and today marks another big step in terms of the design of these parts and their operation. I'm pretty confident that tomorrow we will make another good step. This is good, . because this gives the wind direction of the channel and it improves the focus in the factory at the moment in the right direction for the next races are other new parts being worked on now -. especially the diffuser and front wing, the key to the car. It is encouraging to see this change and to understand and to learn a lot there. "

Question: "How many of these new parts have special low-downforce track to do with this?"

Michael: None at all. "We have a rear wing with less drag, but we do not yet know whether we also continue to race the past. I think it, we feel like all others, that in a lot more downforce Montreal runs as. "

"In our view, looks DRS out already, because in the past we took a wing position with which we were seven, eight km / h faster than the best lap time is ideal to overtake and can not be overhauled to be. This has lap time cost. Now we do not know what has pushed us to a set of wings. Montreal is there is no exception, but we have not yet made our final decision. "

Question: "What about your personal plans?"

Michael: ". Well my attention is the short term, Williams said honestly, even the last few months this whole. So"

Question: "This is also reflected in the resume well. "

Michael: "As I said, my attention is at the moment Williams."

Question: "tell us the role of Bahrain in the FOTA issue. Eric How do you see and how satisfied you are with the outcome?"

EB: "We have a decision of the World Council, which unanimously was taken following the how. The teams have in the past their opinions and concerns expressed weeks to be related, mainly in terms of what agreement we had, India and the common security issue. . We have decided, and Bahrain to write a letter to the FIA, the secret was actually, but was made ​​public. The rest of the story you know so, because it was all related. In the end a decision was made ​​and we look forward in the foreseeable future again to fly to Bahrain. "

Question: "Are you angry about the confusion can? If you do not find a simpler solution?"

EB: "If you read various forums and a bit of talking to the fans, then you can understand their reaction is. We can not be happy when so caused chaos for the image of Formula 1 is definitely not the good."

EB promotes dialogue with the fans Question: "Speaking of fans: you had last night, the FOTA Fan Forum. How was your?"

EB: very, very good. Such opportunities "are very good - not only to face the present, but also to fans to engage with them. It was a very good advocate dialogue. We have a good talk, they can have their questions answered and our concerns about the formula one heard her - the present and the future. respect, it is good to get in touch and the fans understand this better. "
Question: "Renault's performance today?"

EB: best not to say we - not fast enough. "We understand the last few weeks, what's wrong and why we are compared to our competitors a bit behind drive should. But we find ourselves now in the process, the better, and we again related to our form. " Question: "Pat, you are already a while wearing your new job, after leaving Aldo Costa even more responsibility changed. has for you with transport to the chassis manager is something?"

Pat Fry: "It is enough to do that. we have mainly focused on factory a little different to those who organize things better so that the focus run. I mean, we have a very good group of engineers. We need only to what we consider important, and we need to tackle the most important things first. It is going well. "

Question: "You come from McLaren to Ferrari. If things are completely different? "

Fry: Yes. "This is interesting in many ways, and. I am fortunate position of being seen to have had, like McLaren, works like a car, they vote and how the underlying basis for expires. Now one of the biggest rivals at that time to come to work this team get to know the different philosophies that was in the past ten or eleven months, an interesting experience. Hopefully we can both learn from. There are all good things. "

Ferrari on the rise?

Question: "We have the last two races, two very different experiences in Ferraris: First, a fantastic performance at the start in Barcelona, ​​then a less good later in the race, but then again really strong at the end here in Monaco. What are we for a Ferrari ? see "

Fry: I hope close to the Monaco performance! "In Barcelona we had some special problems that our current problems could look like some larger than they were.. I think we have now understood, for we have it in the simulator worked Monaco was a bit better, then we have not had the problems. We must also analyze and understand more, but I think we're in good shape. "

Question: "What about in terms of development takes place? Developed at full speed her on, the expected shift to the new car then?"

Fry: "We learn to constantly only. Thus, if the development of this year's cars we drive will help us for the further work next year. is it's not as radical rule changes there that would give you everything and re-invent would, you have to but and themes capture. If we current car quickly do that we make with it the next year's faster. At some point we will be the dilemma to come from one of the wind tunnel full on next year's project surrounded when, but that decision is still some months away .

Question: "here are all engine manufacturers represented. Today, for us debate the post-2012 slow-opaque, so you can explain your position may be independent of each other?"

EB: "It is for us, too slow confusing new! Renault is clearly behind a new engine format and a new engine architecture, and preferably a size four-cylinder. I believe there are some concerns of other engine manufacturers, with a different architecture or want at least a shift of. At this point we are in the discussions. "

Fry: "- from a technical point of view - this is a very interesting challenge, a huge project. At some point, for clarity would be good because we need to start it. to work me, the political situation behind it, I would not comment dear."

No Ground-Effect in 2013

Question: "You've formed against sub-floors are also held from 2013. Is there an alternative plan or will we just see slower cars when the new imported engines?

Lowe: Molded subsoils in the body area. "I do not know if you have pursued that, but the aerodynamic package, which we for agreed have 2013 us is more an evolution of what today we, as a ground-effect concept. The ground-effect concept, the FIA had worked at the lies, on ice. I think they have done interesting work and we must not ignore forever, but for 2013 we have an evolution of the current approach agreed .

"This raises particular modifications so the cars are more efficient, that goes with the overall package with the engine and the hybrid system. We improvise so that a fuel savings of 30 percent. The teams in the FIA ​​have argued that this evolutionary approach achieves the same objectives, . but more robust way and with more certainty because we can rely on current data build on the current basis, offering greater security to reach the goals -. and, frankly, it costs less, because the changes are manageable "

Question: "After Monaco, there were intensive discussions on the tire changing and repairing the cars during the interruption superior. Keep it for the correct, then the stay or could we change it?"

Fry: "What tires far as: In such a situation you do not know if anyone down is wreckage over and the tire is damaged, as is now Lewis was the case example, to and. find that extent, I think that is worth changing tires makes . So keep an I on it imperative that we the tires. And may change security question how much a car is damaged, it can be, debate is not it? is this rule is so, I think since may - quite a long time! It reduces the risk. Would you take your car to the pits, or rather the need to risk , five laps with a damaged car to drive past them? From a security perspective, it is best resolved on, I think. "

Michael: "I can fans already understand, because this part of the race was effectively destroyed, if you will. Towards the end of the race passed through three or four things, all the head fired in the so have. This is not something many times before maybe you should talk about it, even if it maybe will last forever, until it comes back to such a situation. "

"I agree with the safety objection to the replacement of tires, but there were also three or four different strategies, some cars -. Hamilton, for example, Maldonado or Ferrari - Race Time had sacrificed others, such as Kobayashi and Vettel, who were at the end was in poor rather not . These guys put on a waiting game and the break has helped them enormously. For a single team can usually be good or bad, but what does it mean for the show? Since I'm not sure. "

"It can say how long until it is restored to such a situation arises. If your car is damaged, you get a free repair, because once you start the race, you may do what you want. You can convert even the setup. To write a rule that states that one must not over just because you stand on the grid is not so simple. The security argument can be argued forever. You can enjoy them, you can hurt you. Maybe we should have even talk about these things, but it is very difficult to formulate a rule to cover all possible situations. "

Question: "But given the confusion, would it not be worthwhile to make a restart, but 75 percent of the race to go back and point to the cost of bring? This is also a point that many fans."
Michael: "Yes, this could be a solution."

Lowe: problem with both solutions is the that the stop, racing out to the all happy. had "As Sam has said before, it is a very old rule that is applied or not, but that does not mean that we are not about should talk about is. Perhaps there are answers to the questions, two guys just raised the - have. For example, you could form tire change possible, it is proven that tires damaged or in the direction before. I think the more you the state of the race, also for the restart can maintain interruption of, the better for the race and for the spectators. "

Question: "What did you do today, the tires on this route and what was learned about wet qualifying and / or race for the approach this weekend mean one?"

Green: find the new medium very consistent, very good tires. On "the first free practice we were beginning surprised by the track conditions and grip levels. We With the change to prime and option was of course a huge difference not. I have yet all data considered, but both types of tires seem relatively well suited to be spread for them. The weather we have with one eye always in view. We will setup night for the latest information to adapt to. There will be an interesting weekend, I think if all forecasts come true. "

Lowe: "I agree with Andrew that we must look at how the forecast for the next 24 hours or less developed. If Sunday's raining is, in any case, tire interesting. We have not had a wet race with the Pirelli , so that would be a new experience - viewers just like for the participants. for respect of the dry tires was a learning effect today, the two red flags limited by, because we have no time with the option down and had because of Lewis's puncture for him no sentence longer an option. "

Michael: "From the first to the second session, the tires are better grown considerably through. The wear rate dramatically decreased, therefore believe me, that the tires on order to be in Sunday are when dry it 60 remains. But it looks after a 50 - percent chance of rain off. A few days ago there were still 90 percent, a trend of down, but it is still very likely. The temperatures go back, today was the hottest day. All these things are the race on Sunday make quite interesting, I think. "

EB: "I have not much to say because they have already said everything and they are the technical experts observe. It is true that the weather forecast, of course, exactly do we."

Fry: "When it rains, it will be on Sunday, very interesting. As I said Paddy has had, we do not wet race would therefore be it we all learn. What are the transition points between very tire? If at the start a monsoon is, or wet conditions, then you need the Intermediate, before one can go on super soft? This is interesting because we will learn a lot. "

"The track has now changed dramatically. In the beginning it was very dusty, but with the track and the grip was better. Only a very, very few drivers have a round go with the super soft, so it is difficult to say how big the difference between the two tires. I think most drivers were twice caught out by the red flags, so they had on their tires six in-and out-laps on it. I can not estimate the exact speed difference between the tires. What the wear are concerned, today was not so bad. If it stays dry, the track was better, so I expect a relatively easy race. "

Question: "Pat, Stefano Domenicali said that the weaknesses of Ferrari technical innovations are missing too. Do you agree to be and if so, what you can do against it to do better?"

Fry mentioned before I find interesting is how two major-1 teams. Ferrari Formula "is very different, especially in the aerodynamic field. As in April, we organize this section changes the to the people more time to reflect on . We give Nikolas Tombazis given more control, direct him to the management of the engineers involved. I think it's worth it. There are many smart people at Ferrari. We just have to try to shake it all, so they work together in the same direction .


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