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Playboy whistle in the car park

By pressing a button is your current car to blabbermouth: I think the auto industry so everything can be - and why can be in electric cars of the missing sound a real problem.

If you are often alone in the car? Is their only interlocutors, the navigation system with its irritated "In 100 meters turn right"? This must not be. More and more car makers and equipment specialists are exploring the possibilities offered by the MP3 age.

A classic single-car is the Mini - and there is now provided by a system called Mission Control to change. Thus, for example, is welcomed aboard by the car, and the mini is off while driving through the speaker system to various comments and advice.

But the cockpit communication with the driver is not everything. With the right accessories, you can communicate with his car and the outside world. The company car signaling system from Hanover offers a sound module for retrofitting, with the push of a button on your current car to be Veteran. The system is activated when operating via the central locking car keys: car or car to be already "HIIR my sound" from his award. Retrieved from "Get it an" about "a beautiful good morning" to the lusty moans or the Playboy whistle the selection is great.

Communication Joyous cars could soon emerge as a flirt and aid in the street cafe. Even songs or your own sounds can be played. "You can use any MP3 sound," says Andrew Nelsen of car signaling system.

The sound module consists of a control on the cigarette packet format and a speaker that is placed in the engine room. The sound files are loaded via an SD memory card into the controller.

The idea for the electronic chatterbox Andrew Nelsen was in the parking lot: "I was annoyed that my car unlocking only activated when the turn signal sometimes you press the button twice because one is not sure - the car is really locked with? an appropriate sound signal one knows it, "says Nelsen.

While this kind accessories is more linked to mischievous tricks, the developer of electric cars are faced with a serious problem: the silence of electricity can be a security risk. Anyone who has been with vehicles like the electric Smart has been on the road, sooner or later the following key experience: A pedestrian running on the street because he looked only briefly and the electric scooter is not just one. The more electric cars on the roads are, the more dangerous situations, it should be.

Somehow not real

But the emotional aspect of the electric car is flat, especially for a generation for whom this is a cool Motorenspound especially easy in sports cars. The Tesla Roadster can be experienced this firsthand: The acceleration is breathtaking, the Tesla shoots pulled away like a rubber band. But the whole is like a toy car in the Carrera-Bahn: Fun, but somehow not real.

The tuner Brabus is working on sound modules for electric cars. A first result is the "Space Sound Generator" for the Tesla Roadster. "You can choose between different engine noise simulations like the typical sound of a V8 race car or futuristic or two layers of sound, called Beam and Warp. The intensity of the sound to match the power output to the electric motor," say the Brabus developers.

Sound module and speaker are located in the trunk of the roadster. In the Natura hear but not very spectacular. The V8-mode reminds While away at a real Bigblock engine - but the overall effect due to the constant sound sequences rather synthetic.


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