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Paint car body shop or do it yourself?

The car paint is an important choice to make about their car. But it is not always easy to choose which type of paint applied on the car, how to apply, especially if force is necessary to refer to a body specialist, or if you can do it by yourself, because the result does not change much, and also allows any save on various costs of painting that occur in that case.

Auto paint bath
The car paint is different in two main types: one for diving, which includes the liquid coatings applied by immersion or spray application of the body, which includes liquid paints applied by spray or an airbrush machine, apparatus appropriate. The paint bath is a type of industrial painting of bodies and the body is immersed in a bath of phosphate in which a chemical process creates the phosphate crystals are responsible for promoting the process of electrophoresis next. The electrophoresis process is a physical chemist who attar verso, with a current passing between an anode and a cathode, the paint is diluted in water combines with phosphate crystals formed previously. This paint has as main goal the 'anti-corrosion, after cooking for about 40 minutes in an oven at 180 ° C, the body is ready for spray paint.

Car paint spray
The spray painting, also known as the airbrush is made of several steps. The first phase is called the bottom, primers or adhesion. This can be transparent or colored and is used to prepare the surface to be painted. The primers used to homogenize the surface to be painted, making it less rough, thereby facilitating the clinging of the color or enamel. The second phase is done with color or the enamel may be of different types. These are sprinkled over the bottom and are then usually given at least two coats to cover up the color that is underneath the original piece to be painted. The third phase is that the shiny or transparent, it must be sprayed with a fine nozzle to get a better finish; usually in this case you pass at least two coats. In this type of paint should be careful temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is executed, it could alter the final finish thus making it opaque.

Auto paint
What should I do?

Certainly going to a body shop offers significant advantages to the color of the bodywork of his car; in this case the process is carried out by competent, qualified, and able to ensure lasting color and no risk or problems that may compromise their cars and its aesthetics. The price in this case, however, is higher. Bearing in mind that before painting a car must also be stripped, ie remove the color that was present previously. DIY instead provides a secure savings, partly because buying the pieces individually or paints, that the Lawn, the cost is also lower and this should not be added to the workforce. The limit of DIY can be of the skills, improvisation can not always get the desired results and in some cases, if you do not pay due attention, you can also make things worse. While waiting for news that they arrive in the area.

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