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Operation of air conditioning in your car

Summer is getting closer and with it the high temperatures, but the heat inside the car can be excruciating. Fortunately, now most new cars have air conditioning as part of the core team.

Do not fail you in summer

For a sense of wellbeing, the temperature inside the car should be between 69 ° and 78 ° Fahrenheit, out of these figures there is a feeling of cold or heat. Here in Texas Auto USA Texas is in your service.

Since it is a time when you are doing too hot, take the opportunity to explain how the air conditioning in your car. This system combines a cooler and a heater, which adjust the temperature and humidity inside the vehicle to keep you cool all the time. Remember that when you bring on the air conditioning you reduce the power of you car.

The auto air conditioning systems is an element that most factory cars bring it from its basic version, and also in charge of cooling the interior of the car, removes impurities from the atmosphere as dust and pollen , among others.

To give you an idea of how the air conditioning in your car, imagine the operation of a refrigerator where a gas is compressed by a compressor and then decompresses it. By becoming a gas again, absorbing the atmosphere of the area achieving temperatures below 0 ° C , reaching into the car through a fan.

In a car or


, any air conditioning system employs four basic parts, a mechanical compressor driven by the engine of the vehicle, an expansion valve which is a restriction to the compressor which pumps and two heat exchangers, the evaporator and condenser. Furthermore, it requires the refrigerant flowing through the system.

The compressor, engine power used to compress and circulate the refrigerant through the system , the refrigerant passes through the condenser, which is located in front of the radiator, and is directed to the expansion valve, once the refrigerant passes expansion valve to the evaporator, and after passing through the evaporator tubing, is returned to the compressor .

When the compressor starts operation, pulls refrigerant evaporator pipe and pushes it towards the condenser tubing, reducing the evaporator pressure and increasing the condenser. When proper operating pressures are established, the expansion valve is opened and allows the refrigerant to the evaporator return to the same speed as the compressor as being removed.

The pressure in the evaporator is low enough so that the boiling point of the refrigerant to be quite lower than the temperature inside the vehicle , therefore, the liquid evaporates and removes heat from inside the car.

The heating effect produced by passing the refrigerant through the compressor, it prevents the liquefied gas, causing the compressor to be discharged at very high temperatures. This hot gas passes through the condenser and the pressure on this side of the system is sufficiently high so that the boiling point of the coolant is well above the outside temperature. The gas cools down to its boiling point and condenses the heat being absorbed by the outside air. The liquid refrigerant is again forced through the expansion valve by the pressure of the condenser.

The refrigerant that we put into our car must be a liquid whose boiling point is low to make practical use of heat transfer, which occurs when a liquid evaporates.

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