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New Mercedes-brand slogan: The best or nothing

The assumption has been confirmed: Mercedes-Benz is internally at the beginning of a new model already introduced immediately as a trademark claim to use it. The oldest car brand in the world is, therefore, for "the best or nothing". And the star goes back to its former glory.

"The best or nothing" was loud Mercedes already the maxim of Gottlieb Daimler. The slogan should now claim to leadership of the brand to the outside underline, said in a statement the carmaker. In English-speaking markets, Mercedes uses the direct translation of "The best or nothing".

We have invented the automobile and many technologies for granted today by the safety cell with ABS, airbags and ESP to "PRE-SAFE" was developed, it was quite true. "Just from this tradition, our customers expect a technological leadership," said sales and marketing director, Dr. Joachim Schmidt. "For us this means: We want to provide the best in all areas - whether in research and development, production, sales, service and parts business or shopping."

The new brand slogan reflects not only the core brand values "perfection, Fascination and Responsibility", but is also corporate culture: To date, impress the Gottlieb Daimler developed by leadership's thinking and actions of every single Mercedes-employee. This, namely the employees, who now start the campaign as a brand ambassador occur.

On the suspension, the slogan could possibly seem arrogant, Zetsche said Daimler CEO Dieter in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine ", you do not claim to be the best anywhere. At issue is the opposite of arrogance. "We promise to strive for the best deal to make the customer, namely with regard to the core of our brand, which consists of three parts perfection, fascination and responsibility is composed. It's about the struggle to meet these demands. The energy can and generate power. "

Not only is the claim is new, but also the accompanying Details: The star is now no longer "in the sky", but again next to the lettering "Mercedes-Benz". And he gets back his three-dimensional representation.

For many years, Mercedes had the simple but ingenious as well claim "your lucky star on all roads used. The last revision of the brand identity is only two and a half years back. Since then, the star shone around in ads from the top and had been completely waived on a slogan.

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