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New factory: Marussia-Virgin under time pressure

Team boss John Booth talks about the separation of CFD guru Nick Wirth and admits that Marussia-Virgin soon need a design headquarters.from a reliable source to know that Symonds, the Arrows and Super Aguri's factory in Leafield has visited former recently, but there is next to the motor sports business Menard and Formtech apparently no place for a Formula 1 team . Marussia-Virgin team boss John Booth suggests, therefore, only that his design crew in "England will be stationed" in the future and "not in Leafield. But where exactly, that's for sure yet."

Work on the new car pushes

"We need to build in the next month," says the British, finally you can write off the 2011 season already, but by June / July must begin to work on the new car. Marussia-Virgin wants in the ideal case, a design team based in the vicinity of the racing team, which is located in the north Dinnington, but because of the shortness of time also is the Formula 1 cluster at Silverstone "a possibility," said Booth.

The separation of the landlord, the shares Marussia-Virgin also has to, "as friendly as possible" has been completed. This was - except for a few formalities - as good as done. What the project has failed, now believes Booth to know : "We had a customer / supplier partnership, but different companies have different interests. This can be difficult to handle is reason. we would want a unified team."

"We have made this decision, because what we have now do not work We were expecting this year to be more competitive, but that's not the case -. We are just as good or as bad as last year, if not a little worse, "he admits, stressing:". Now is the time of the year in which we must begin to work on the 2012er-car We saw no sense in it more, try the same again. "

Currently, Marussia-Virgin since without technical director and without design factory. Developed by Wirth updates come "to Silverstone" by - "then even small things, nothing big anymore," admits Booth. What is certain work that the team will no longer only with CFD, but also in the wind tunnel. Wirth had purely rely on his CFD computer and failed so miserably.

Why did they put on CFD

In Marussia-Virgin is, however, is still convinced that the approach of wind tunnel to do without the not wrong in principle was: "As far as I know, CFD, the tool that the lining. a wind tunnel, it is true, however, that the top teams use both together, "says Booth. "One day it will be only CFD, but perhaps this point is more in the future than we had assumed at first."

Prior to the Formula 1 entry had been found Wirths interesting approach, because it was much cheaper than a conventional design team. Particularly in view of the originally planned budget cap from 2010, the idea makes sense. "A wind tunnel is very expensive," says Booth. "That was the main factor, try to change that." But we know the budget cap was tilted to massive pressure from the established teams out.

Pressure of the donors feel Booth despite the continuing lack of success does not: ".. Our main investors are satisfied with the situation, you see it as a long term project and see one that we must build in a short time a team can see the long term," he says . "But the sponsors see it a little different than the investors - which are naturally not happy you are but also to us.."

Both the sponsor as well as investor is Richard Branson and his Virgin brand. Branson is expected today in Montreal, is still behind the team. Margins as the beginning of 2010 on the small side fuel tank however were "embarrassed" have been for him, Booth admits, "because he was on every front page to be associated with." At Branson's generally positive attitude to the Formula 1 project was the last won anything.


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