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Comes directly from the Pajero Io, the model sold in Japan. Pininfarina has the Italianate style of the interior, it has changed some details and oversaw the industrialization in Italy, the brand new Bairo plant a few kilometers from Turin. By earning the mini Pajero Pinin name.



As for the drive only for now, with the proven 1,800 GDI direct injection of gasoline instead of 120 HP (5 less than the version installed on Charisma) to make driving easier off-road. It is up to 170 km / h (168 reported) and drive for 11 km / l with the rear-wheel drive only. It can also be combined with automatic transmission. Not to be too off-road and offer a good comfort even on motorways, the frame is a hybrid, with a narrow chassis lightweight welded directly to the body. Together with the suspension layout which is also a hybrid.

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