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Mitsubishi wants to focus the attention of motorists on a car and relies on a famous name: Lancer. Almost four feet tall, very low, with vertical lights in the back of the wagon, which holds the mast of the pavilion. The muzzle, covering the birth of the new Mitsubishi logo: three-dimensional.



For the engines are concerned there is no 2-liter petrol engine, 4-cylinder turbo intercooler capable of 265 horsepower, and a sophisticated four-wheel drive are undoubtedly a good presentation for a car derived from racing as the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII. The Evo VIII is a pure substance and all that technology has hosted meets functional needs as well exposing the industry's best: from Brembo, Bridgestone tires to the elegant to the Recaro seats that wrap perfectly even in the more aggressive.

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