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Leather seats

The leather seats are among the most fascinating features of high-end cars. When you see a nice car is very easy to find inside the leather upholstery, which offers a pleasant feeling of luxury and elegance to the cockpit. Of course, the seats are so many types, from classical to sports fabric with carbon fiber components. Those are the finest leather and so on board of the most exclusive luxury cars and premium models of many manufacturers.

Leather Seats: Resistance and Maintenance
The leather seats, as well as being beautiful and elegant, have another very important characteristic: they are extremely resistant. Although obviously more expensive than fabric, over time they need very little maintenance and last a lot longer. Can therefore be a good choice as a return value?

Even from the point of view of the cleaning, the leather seats are much easier to keep in order with respect to those in fabric. Apart from the lighter colors, in fact, are virtually stain and wipe a damp cloth is sufficient. To keep your skin in good condition there are also many specific products, usually provided by the manufacturer of the car. Some even recommend that you use the cleansing milk for women.

Leather Seats: Contraindications
One of the most important defects of leather seats for cars is the way they react to temperature differences. As you know well who has a couch in this material, in fact, become virtually frozen in the cold and in summer can be hot to the limit dell'ustionante. Also, if you drive with a skirt or shorts (or costume) is likely to remain stuck in a really annoying if not painful.

To overcome these drawbacks of high-end cars are equipped with heating system (almost all now) and / or cooling of the seats. Otherwise, if you encounter problems of this kind the simplest advice is to adopt appropriate seat covers, but this way you lose all the beauty of expensive coatings.

Leather Seats: Alternatives
The leather seats are the ideal solution for those who can spend a little 'more and not want to give up the luxury on their car: this option is in fact one of the most expensive among all the accessories for cars, but the result is undoubtedly d ' impact. Alternatively, the classic fabric seats are cheaper and more convenient (the skin can be a bit 'stiff), but they get dirty easily and are difficult to clean.

One possibility for those who want the features of both types of coating have seats in mixed leather / fabric, combining the comfort and convenience with the beauty of the fabric and the resistance of the skin. To choose the right one for them is still important to know the characteristics of each type. In short: for every driver on his seat.

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