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Kovalainen: "There is something in it"

Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen of space 21 in the Montreal-training, the experience of receiving the flow diffuser and the next steps planned.

Heikki Kovalainen:
Not so bad. "I had problems with the brakes a bit, was wondering why they are not as feel like normal though. The need to handle, we get it tomorrow . is to run better, but overall we have managed to complete our program, and both tires seem to work well - as expected. We are better in the plan. as

Question: "Barcelona have in it a big update with the handle receiving the flow diffuser introduced. of this package what extent have you been in? "
Kovalainen: think there is something else. We in it "regularly bringing updates and learn more and more about the Barcelona update. I We know that the diffuser is a strong tool , but not all we get him out, I think . Hopefully we can get it even better in the next race, but that is only one factor among many. We take a step at a time. "

Question: "Will it now increasingly difficult to make improvements to, as at the end of the field?"
Kovalainen: Yeah, sure. "Many teams stuck firmly in the middle because there's just been incredibly difficult places in the top 10 penetrate bring. But we come back and we still pay for itself with good improvements. The next package we is hopefully a step forward. But once we are arrived in the middle, it becomes more difficult. Then we must improve our factory and as a team as a whole to continue to come forward. "

Question: "How do you expect that the two DRS-zone this weekend will develop?"
Kovalainen: "I would have preferred that the hairpin overtaking Elle would have been most important of which, as in previous years years now. I expect that more in the first corner or in the last one chicane. I think it could be compared to the past significant difference. I'm curious to see how a double-DRS-Zone operates on successive lines. It could be good. "

Question: "But there was never any case difficult to overtake an opponent much. If two DRS-zones, there are perhaps even too?"

Kovalainen: 'll see. I "think this is an area that the FIA thoroughly. We should explore, we should not be afraid to try something, even if it sounds crazy at first that shows. Let's just every time I. do not already understands all the consequences, so we should try it. "

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