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Heidfeld: "car feels better at"

Nick Heidfeld talks about his first day of practice in Montreal and the routes on which he drives mostly very good or very bad.
After the race in Monaco pinpointed Renault team boss Eric Boullier in two areas for action: first, the design of the car which has been adapted, Montreal, and second in the qualifying services of Nick Heidfeld, with whom he an interview was conducted. In yesterday's free practice Mönchengladbach landed then at least to the tenth, a tenth of a second behind his teammate Vitaly Petrov.

Question: "Nick had you in training enough grip from the tires?"
Nick Heidfeld: "The first one, two morning rounds today were very difficult, very little grip was. Then it better. "

Question: "How is the tire wear of the two compounds?"
Heidfeld: "I do not know yet informative. I ended a long run would go, but because of the many red no one perfect flags long run hammer out then. there was also traffic and had to me. Setup. switch that extent it was not, we very have to look at our data, by Vitaly and the other cars. I do not know. "

Question: "has said that after her design here and there have adapted, the Monaco because you now know where the problem buried. is Eric Do you notice a difference?"
Heidfeld: "car feels a bit better at.'s whether we our goal achieved, I do not want. We are still studying the data and have to analyze whether everything we have found what we find.

Question: "There are two DRS-impact zones. How will this?"
NH: "You could argue that two DRS-zone far too, but I think it is a good idea, at least try it out - then know we know whether it was right.. do Maybe we're not, maybe I am more think one is enough, but why not try? "

Question: "How is this track your driving style?"
Heidfeld: "I do not know me. I've been here twice already on the podium, which is a good sign, but generally it is a normal route for."

Question: "Which lines are your driving style?"
Heidfeld: "I usually always get along well at the Hungaroring and Suzuka learned. When a few years down in Austria, we are running, there never good for me, especially in Formula 3000 had me but then I looked and and understood - and in the second year I won in Formula 3000 and. Also in Formula 1, I was not as good bad. It was left was better. Over the years, it was usually the case that I was good immediately on some routes while I had other problems at first, but to learn. Silverstone, for example, is a case where I had to adjust my driving style. "

Question: "What makes the difference?"
NH: a few things. The largest "factor is the different lines. Second, because it also goes to aggressiveness on the steering wheel to the steering angle. play you can take the same line, but with this strike, or with another joint. Nevertheless, Do not you differently because you exceed the limit of the tire test. On corner exit you may be also the same speed, but some get aggressive on the accelerator and are more across. These are the two most extreme factors, I think. "

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