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Formula 1 Changes Could Shake Up the Roster



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The Formula 1 World Championship is changing and that could mean a shift in power among the sport's leading drivers. But the mark of a world-class driver is the ability to adapt to any conditions, or any changes the F1 bosses decide to implement.

Following the meeting ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, the drivers spoke to the BBC and gave their thoughts on the matter. Offering their take on the situation, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button explained that making the cars faster is always their goal, but some of the ideas discussed might not be to their tastes.

Button Ready to Race

One driver keen to see a return to refuelling was Button. Asserting that the drivers need to be pushed more in a physical sense, he believes refuels added another tactical element to the race and made it more interesting. Max Verstappen echoed this, suggesting that smaller tanks would allow them to go faster and add another dimension to each race.

As it stands, no concrete plans have been drawn up, but the overall consensus among the pros seems to be that drivers and owners want their cars to go faster and for the races to be less "safe" and more "spectacular".

Harking back to the days when cars were more beast-like and tougher to drive will not only make it better for drivers, but a more entertaining sight for racing fans. Not only that, but it would make each race less predictable and, therefore, more interesting from a betting perspective. Although the perennial favourites are unlikely to change much if a new set of rules come into play, it's likely the margins between the top drivers will shrink.

Back to the Glory Days

In fact, a reversion back to a fleet of cars similar to those used in 2004-2007 could give some senior drivers a much better chance in the online betting markets. Button has struggled to stay in touch with the top drivers in recent years, but his career was forged during the period between 2004 and 2007 and that could give him an edge in the coming seasons.

Of course, when you ante-up at an online sportsbook such as BETFAIR, it will always be tough to look beyond the likes of Hamilton. However, a few tweaks to the car could play into the hands of someone like Button and, therefore, make him a great value bet. While he may not take poll position in the Drivers' Championship, he could certainly win a few races throughout the season.

Overall, if and when any new rules come into play, the likelihood is that race fans will enjoy a much more entertaining spectacle. Making cars faster and less simple to drive will open up new doors through which a selection of drivers could race through. Although F1 is far from dull, there's certainly a desire among all involved for some things to change and, if this happens in the right way, everyone could be in for some incredible races over the next few years.

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