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Focus RS vs. Abt Golf GTI

Frontal attack
Who wants to take on the compact sports what must beat the Golf GTI. Since that is somewhat underpowered with 210 hp, will be the Ford Focus RS is equal to the Abt version with 300 horses ago.

In a nutshell
[+] Both: Excellent performance
Ford: Very good suspension, easy handling, fair price
Abt GTI: the look in the interior, impressive top speed

[-] Ford: Very high consumption, poor rear visibility, little traction in the wet
Abt GTI: Hard suspension, tugging on the steering, high price

The Ford Focus RS is currently considered the most powerful front-wheel drive in the world. Consistently, he drives away the competition. Poison green paint, huge skirts, spoilers and even more wildly bubbling 305 horsepower does not bode well. At Volkswagen, keeps you with an answer to this powerhouse is still covered. The Golf GTI's usual strong driving dynamics and superior in performance spectrum but beyond any doubt - but with its 210 hp GTI-getting themselves have no real chance against the driver RS-clients. Motor sport tuner Abt has recognized this and gives the Gulf in two power levels retrofitted wing.

Either you like it snappy - then reaches the 260-hp version. Significantly wild one is traveling with the Abt Power S, Golf GTI. With a revised turbocharger and numerous modifications to suspension, bodywork, brakes and alignment has worked his way up to the 221 kW/300 hp and thus met the Focus RS at eye level. The one from the tuner, the other from the manufacturer - who is the better?

Both offer about 300 horsepower, terrific performance and a top speed of well over 250 km / h. No problem, the driver of a BMW M5 artificially slowed down to nerves or a Mercedes S-class and finally to leave behind even.

With the combination of 300-horsepower engine and front wheel drive raises the twofold question whether so much force can ever get on the road. The Focus RS does it in an unfamiliar sovereignty. While the Cologne attracts over 1.4 tons in the border area a bit to the steering. But that happens because of the elaborate front axle with limited slip differential unusually spectacular. One knows in advance what makes the front wheel drive the same - and turns on a light grip steering wheel on it. However, it looks totally different wavelength from roadway or wet surfaces. By then wants to get an all-wheel drive, had to make the Ford engineers because of the high development costs, but a bottom.

The Abt GTI also has to make do without a 4x4 driving. He also has a locking differential on front axle, but his fierce thrusts of power bring clear uncommoder on the road. Even at medium speed, the power flows in the tax cost is greater. Are you full throttled; the GTI goes straight into the curve quite snappy and has often caused problems to get to 300 hp on the road.

For the rear of the golf presents balanced. Focus RS when it fawns in the border area quickly to the outside - the GTI is stoically calm.

A Lady
That both vehicles on heavily modified chassis with a healthy hardness have understood is self-width 19-inch model with a small cross-section to emphasize the hardness again impressive. For this to keep movements pleasant on the vertical axis in the frame. And just on twisty mountain roads or race tracks, both cars are a joy. That the focus in every area a little more balanced impression does is it not a sign of weakness at Abt GTI - but simply on the strength of the excellent RS package.

Suspension, steering, handling and brakes are good at Abt GTI and the Focus RS class matched. Switch to the manual six-course Ford is one of fun. To accomplish that clutch and transmission at a fast pace excellence have, one perceives only in passing. Balanced and uncompromising performer also the overall appearance of the Abt GTI. He works harder and more ambitious, but also rougher and less balanced in the border area.

The great strength of the Gulf is its engine. Who, thanks to a new turbocharger and engine electronics to 221 kW/300 hp four-cylinder strengthened with an incredible two-liter power unit. Attack of the turbo with its maximum torque of 400 Nm is a first, there is no stopping them. From 0 to 100 km / h sprint in 6.1 seconds and goes. The abbot pushes, shoves and pushes. Even uphill speed is 260 no problem. A straight line cracks the 280 mark, the speedometer - its real 268 km / h.

Can not compete because of the Focus RS. As a correspondingly powerful engine in the Ford-shelf is missing, use was made of the 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine from Volvo. Modified accordingly delighted with the muscular-five-cylinder sound, snappy 224 kW/305 hp and 440 Nm of torque. From 0 to 100 km / h, the Ford created in 5.9 seconds.

Full Throttle-King Abt GTI
Does, however, the Focus RS at 220 km / h significantly heavier than the GTI turned up at Abt. It is not the double clutch, which makes a positive impact at the Wolfsburg: The golf has simply much more bite. The four-cylinder engine is rev-happy despite less displacement and more powerful effect. Thus, the Focus RS presses with effort over the 250 mark, they finally crack and also creates noisy speedometer 270 km / h.

The rude awakening comes at the pump. The aged five-cylinder engine in the Focus has a great sound - and an unquenchable thirst. When driving faster, it consumes more than 16 liters of Super per 100 kilometers, and even in moderate average powerhouse is located at 13.7 liters. Furthermore, the pilot of an Abt Golf GTI only smiles: For who is so normal way, comes with about ten liters of premium fuel per 100 kilometers.

The bottom line is wins the Ford Focus RS, but the comparison clearer than expected. The reason is not only the excellent sports package itself, but especially one with 33 900 euros, almost unbeatable price. In this way he can make the shortcomings of the outdated five-cylinder engine, almost forgot. The Abt Golf GTI offers much more speed on the highway than the GTI. But the 90 more hp to the series you have to Wolfsburg with 5,300 € (for the engine alone) pay dearly. With the appropriate body-kit the Abt Golf GTI will cost considerably more than 42,000 €.


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