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Ferrari F430 Spider Tuning By Anderson

The question, what would say the Italian car designer Enzo Ferrari (1898 to 1988) to modifications of its vehicles is not anymore. But that by birth as style icons prestigious sports or racing cars like a Ferrari still hold quite finishing potential in itself, shows the here presented exclusive conversion from ANDERSON Germany.



As a "base" had to serve a Ferrari F430 Spider. Through an exclusive tag, which includes the front air dam, side skirts, rear apron and an adjustment of the exhaust system, these changes ANDERSON 16M in Germany the Ferrari Scuderia Spider Conversion Edition.

The bodywork was fitted with a black paint finish called Hyper Black. The Scuderia Strip is in carbon steel and edged in yellow. On the front and rear lights remains a tint not being seen. For engine grille, the rear diffuser, mirrors and the covers in the engine room an exterior carbon package is responsible.



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The performance increase from 490 to now 569 hp one hand due to a software optimization and the other from an exhaust system including racing catalytic converters and a modified exhaust manifold. In this case one can come in three volumes and adjustable remote-controlled racing damper system is used. Alone the so-achieved weight savings of 29 kg brings an increase of less than 38 hp in addition to the special heat protection, by which both the security and performance are positively influenced.





The crew of the Italian dream ANDERSON Germany has set a three-piece wheels in glossy black with a yellow and applications of carbon in 20-inch border all around with 235 donated tires front and 325 rear rubber. Lowering the holding here, understandably, a manageable framework. The yellow brake caliper paint and window tinting still need a special mention.

The entire interior finishing was carried out with carbon black leather and Alcantara same color, yellow diamond Kederrand and seams. The carbon-package for the interior is in turn the steering wheel, door handles, door sills, the hand brake handle and the paddle shifters to admire. A sound system with DVD function, subwoofer and amplifier remains off and listen in silence to the sound of the blowing station ...

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