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Expected Time Frame for a Smash Repair


Even though most motorists do their best to avoid getting into an accident, small scrapes that result in minor damages are simply a fact of life. Most car accidents don’t result in anybody getting hurt, but depending on the damage done to your vehicle, you may be forced to go without a car for quite some time. However, small damages, such as scrapes and dents, can often be fixed in a matter of hours, but it’s vital to choose a company to carry out the repairs that truly knows what they’re doing and offers a competitive price.

Bumper repairs in Perth, for example, shouldn’t be too expensive to fix, though that depends on the severity of the damage sustained. If your bumper looks like it is hanging onto your car by a thread following an accident, you might have to prepare yourself to be without a car for a number of days or even weeks. However, if your bumper is only slightly scratched or dented, you might be able to take your car home from the panel beaters the very same day.

K&W Panel Beaters offer bumper repairs in Perth for an affordable price, and their professionals do their best to carry out the repairs as fast as possible. They understand that you need your car on a daily basis, but nobody is capable of carrying out huge repairs in the space of a day. Below, this article will attempt to offer some insight on what kind of timeframe you should expect for your car to be repaired following an accident.

Getting Your Car Back Up and Running

Accidents always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times when you know you urgently need your car the very next day. To help you plan how you’ll travel around, we’ll talk about some of the expected timeframes for repairs below.

  • Minor damages – Scrapes, scratches and bumps can usually be repaired very quickly, especially if the panel beaters don’t have too many other tasks to deal with. In fact, very minor damages can often be fixed by the roadside so that you don’t even need to go a day without your car.
  • Dents and damaged paintwork – If your car has been dented and the paintwork has chipped off, you can expect your car to be off the road for at least a couple of days while the repairs are finished and the new coat of paint dries.
  • Heavy damages – If you need parts replacing or your car is severely damaged, you might have to wait more than a week for your car to be repaired. You might want to look into courtesy car options if this is the case.

Find a Dependable Panel Beater

Needless to say, it’s vital to find a panel beater that can prove their qualifications and be honest about the amount of time it will take to fix your car. As long as you find a dependable panel beater, you should be able to get your car back on the road in no time.

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