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Considering facts to buy a new garage door

There are some things you should consider before selecting the perfect door for your home.
Components of a door It is important to have some basic knowledge of garage doors and know your needs before purchase new garage door.


Isolation and gauge steel door are important characteristics. If you plan to spend much time in your garage, or if you have a room that is above or adjacent to your garage, or if there are many activities, for example, children playing in front of the doors, you will want to consider the insulation and the thickness of the steel . Thermal insulation is a measure of the thermal efficiency of a door. The higher the value of the insulation, the more guarded the door is. If there is a possibility that the door suffered strokes, for example, basketballs, also need to consider a heavier gauge steel, such as 24 gauge. Remember, the lower the gauge number, the more robust the steel.


We are constantly improving the security and protection of our doors to get them out for sale only when they have achieved the best results. The truth is that very few accidents occur each year directly caused by garage doors, and our aim is to keep it that way. But still there are certain things you can do to get even more security for your family.


What makes the isolation and why it is important to consider?

  • Taking action for their new residential garage door
  • Use the diagram and instructions given below to take steps to her door. See your local dealer with
  • these steps to buy your new garage door.


  • Step 1 Measure the width and height of the mouth of the gate in feet and inches. This will determine the door size you need. The door opening should be the same size as the door. .
  • Step 2 Measuring the lateral space: it will need 3 3 / 4 inches (7.6 cm) on each side for installation of the vertical track for standard extension springs, torsion springs and standard EZ-Set Torsion Spring System ™, and 5 ½ inches (14 cm) for the EZ-Set Extension Spring System ™.
  • Step 3 Take the area known as "headroom", ie the distance between the top of the door opening ("jamb header") and ceiling (or floor joist). It will take 10 inches (25.4 cm) for standard extension spring or the spring system EZ-Set extension. It will take 12 inches (30.5 cm) for standard torsion spring and the torsion spring system EZ-Set. If the top is limited space, we have accessories. It will take a greater headroom for the installation of an automatic opener for the garage door. NOTE: If door height is larger than the door opening, the headroom measurement should be calculated proportionally.
  • Step 4 Take action called "depth of the room," ie, the measured distance between the hole in the garage door and the back wall of the garage. You need the door height over 18 inches (45.7 cm). You might need more depth later to install a device to open the garage door.


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