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Comparison: Jeep Wrangler vs. Land Rover Defender

Both are stalwarts, both have great tradition and they both belong in the area for good to take what you can. Even the toughest terrain acrobatics does not constitute Defender jeep still major problems. But off the trend has already conquered the international highways and boulevards. Who wants to stand out from the mass of warm SUVs, must resort to an already exotic.

Already the first glimpse of both competitors shows that the time has almost passed by without a trace of them. Particularly edgy in the Land Rover Defender pressed into the wind. Especially popular is the station-wagon version with a long wheelbase and room for up to nine people. The face is powerful: the driving wind encounters an almost straight wall. Grille and windshield are high as a man almost at a right angle. Also rustic, but well rounded is presented to the Rubicon. The special all-terrain Wrangler is not for sissies. At first sight, falling on the tarpaulin cover and the terrain rough tread tires. Clear - even the Jeep feels really just off the streets at home.



Jeep Wrangler

But the most miles in this country from both coils on paved roads. Most will never see the terrain. If you have the Land Rover started, quivers and quakes, the 4.44 meter long car. After just a few miles you would prefer to sit in a modern pickup trucks, because the ride and suspension comfort of the Land Rover is not such. Even the smallest bumps are transmitted to the interior felt tortured and the passengers. Likewise disturbing the flap brakes, clunky five-speed manual transmission and the precise but stiff steering. Due to the high center of gravity and rigid axles caution it is in a curve.

Gas station attendant of the best friends

By contrast, noisy 2.5-liter turbo-diesel is not a bad figure. Although he makes only 90 kW/122 hp, however, depends on the gas well and is reflected in good faith, despite some two tons of curb weight. Alone on the highway the desire for a small truck again - the leaves are more agile. The speed of the Land Rover is just 132 km / h. His strong side is the Briton in the woods and fields. With all-wheel drive and low range ratio prepare themselves deep water crossings without difficulty. In view of the wall unit similar aerodynamics an average fuel consumption is 12.3 liters of diesel per 100 km was not bad.

There can be no question of the Rubicon. Average of 17.2 liters of premium Jeep consumed per 100 km. Even the terrain tires, which are too elderly and the 174 hp automatic no reason for such a plethora of fuel consumption. A diesel is not to get - this is the Rubicon with a beefy four-liter six cylinder petrol engine and 305 Nm driven. The powerful motor fits well with only 4.02 m long climber. With sound it starts bubbling vigorously. The steering is vague, the brakes just as weak as the Defender. In addition, there is not the Rubicon with ABS.

The aging Roughnecks

Surprisingly comfortable to show the landing gear. The tires are 245 on the other hand, really just something for the site. On the road it is by the hard ladder-type frame and rigid axles uncomfortable after a short time. One wishes formally a ride in the woods. For here there is no stopping for the Rubicon. Range gearbox and selectable lockers make the impossible possible again. Therefore you have to be on the road with 150 km / h to settle. But even with the fluttering soft top would not break the one-130s brand. Instead of the fiddly cap can also mount the hardtop.

The origins of Wrangler and Defender are returned more than half a century. The Land Rover to be climbed almost. The instrument panel is broken and too sparse. The steering wheel can not be adjusted, the part-leather seats only insufficiently. Each route is longer for Tortour - is the set early. Looking at the back seat rub your eyes. No head restraints and lap belts for a few windy. Even worse it looks on the folding seats in the boot. An accident would not really compete with the Brits. As it sits in the jeep much better. The handsome little seats are at least comfortable. On the two individual rear seats also lack head restraints. After all, there are two airbags in the Rubicon and adjustable straps.



The dinosaurs live - yet

Sure, one may expect comfort from such a predator is limited. But something more must it be. After all, the Defender offers remote control, power windows, seat heating and air conditioning. The radio on the other hand offers an almost pitiful sound, and the noisy diesel engine can hardly drown. It looks even bleaker for the Americans. Central locking? Similarly None as electric windows, heated seats and other amenities of any kind include air conditioning provides at least a good sound system in the roll cage for rich sound. Not much for 30 990 €. The Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon costs 31,500. With these comfort extras are more than 35,000 €.

The question whether such cars are still on the streets, you can answer with a convincing "yes". Off the paved runways, the Defender of the terrain workhorse, a real truck like the Unimog. In contrast, the Jeep Rubicon is a lifestyle sports equipment in the area knows no boundaries with which one makes in the city but also a good figure. On the highway both have to look for nothing. Nice that the dinosaurs are not extinct yet. But something more powerful technology and a more comfort there may already be in the third millennium. Otherwise, the dinosaurs die out soon.


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