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Comparison: Jeep Cherokee vs. Opel Frontera

In contrast to the exclusively available with four doors of the Cherokee Frontera with three and five doors is getting. A good choice is the special edition Opel Frontera Olympus. Even better equipped the Jeep Cherokee Limited. Both competitors are operating in the street with rear-wheel drive road. The front-wheel drive is powered on while driving but also be activated. If the terrain difficult to help both a manually shiftable-road speed.

The diesel units fit well in both lifestyle-wheel drive vehicle. The much younger looking Jeep driven by a rough, but the free-revving 2.5-liter common-rail diesel with 105 kW/142 hp. Already at 2,000 rpm / 343 Nm of torque is available. In terms of traditional motor draws 2.2 Direct Injection Diesel-heimer of the shorter snout. The four-cylinder, like the Jeep is not just a mealy-mouthed and has a distinctly sluggish. He obtained from 2.2 liters of displacement 88 kW/120 hp. That's enough for nearly 170 km / h. Much faster the Cherokee is not. It could decide the Frontera consumption rating for themselves. In a practical test he consumed 10.1 liters of diesel per 100 km. In contrast, the Jeep Cherokee CRD swallowed a liter more in the test. Both were around two liters of the respective factory specification. Despite winter tires and winter snow cover that is too much.



Opel's bouncy castle

Both cars leave no doubt that you are staying in an SUV. The ride comfort is no standard limousine, is also producing too much bluster, not in the interior. Only for short waves, both votes are overwhelmed. Especially the short hops Frontera whim over the bumpy dirt road. Extremely susceptible to presenting the Rüsselsheim for transverse joints and ruts on the highway. Finally, the Opel Frontera is virtually unchanged for many years on the market.

The design of the Jeep Cherokee looks much younger more balanced. The vote of comfortable road holding and the necessary rigidity for the site is successful. But he is also typical suv prone to consecutive short bumps. The steering of both models is working smoothly. Otherwise it will already look at the standard five-speed manual transmissions. While the long circuit paths are the only criticism of the Opel, Jeep transmission is notchy to. The aisles must be placed precisely and powerfully. From spring 2003, a 2.8 CRD version with 150 hp and is available Autmatikgetriebe.

The safety features of Cherokee and Frontera is distinctly different. ABS, front and side airbags are still a matter of course. To the Cherokee windowbags offers front and rear. Unfortunately, ESP is not to get both. Course in aging Opel Frontera, angry at the end of 2001, presented only Cherokee. Otherwise, the equipment of special models is extensive. The Cherokee 2.5 CRD Limited offers a standard electric leather seats, CD sound system, cruise control, alloy wheels and air conditioning. Unfortunately missing from the options list details such as xenon headlights, automatic climate control and a navigation system. The Opel Frontera 2.2 DTI Olympus offers a standard partial leather seats, air conditioning, heated seats and a lifting sunroof. To get an extra charge, leather seats, navigation system or a cruise.



The charm of the 80

The interior award goes to the Americans. The electric seat adjustment can indeed open to some requests. But on longer routes makes it a better figure. A little more lateral support and a longer seat, however, it should be. The switches are easily accessible and the cockpit looks pleasing, although irritating to the switch of the seat heater on the outside. Significantly affects the homespun Opel. Memories of older Isuzu SUV and the supposed charm of the 80s are awake. In addition, leave the sport seats due to lack of adjustment of needs.

Gratifying to see the luggage compartments. Can be elegant glass window of the Cherokee opened separately by remote control. The tailgate swings just like the Frontera widely to the left. Large items can be stowed easily. D-rings if necessary, arrange for strength. It can also stand in the rear. The increased length and two rear doors, it can live more comfortably in the jeep.

The terrain is remarkable both beat. Four-wheel drive is switched - and you're set to go. If the deep mud or snow impenetrable to help switchable ground ratios. Short body overhangs ensure that increases are made of crisp no insurmountable obstacles. There are SUVs, which can in difficult terrain more - but in an Opel Frontera and Jeep Cherokee, you can rely on off-road everyday use.

And the winner is ...

Both competitors offer a lot of car for the money. The Jeep Cherokee 2.5 CRD Limited in the recommended variant costs 34 600 €. Upgrade alone metallic paint (480 euros) and electric sunroof (1300 €). The Opel Frontera 2.2 DTI Olympus will cost € 29 755 in three-door, five-door of 31 315 €. Appropriate equipment is the cruise (315 €), winter package (445 €), radio navigation (980 €) and on-board computer (290 €).

The comparison test goes to the Jeep Cherokee 2.5 CRD. It offers modern technology, a high degree of practicality and good value for money. The Opel Frontera does not hide itself, but is getting on in years. As part of the Rüsselsheim model offensive, but he is replaced in the medium term. Still, many dealers lure with attractive discounts.


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