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Comparison: Ford Mustang vs. Nissan 350 Z

There are cars that excite at first glance. Other dragging one only after a certain time in their spell. Nissan 350 Z and Mercedes CLK, 500 such cars. The first offers avant-garde design and pure driving pleasure. At the other makes looking in vain for weaknesses. Both have potential for addiction. An unusual comparison will show who is the better.

The concepts of the two vehicles are completely different. The hot-blooded Nissan 350 Z is currently probably the best sports cars on the market. Had to wait far too long not only Z-fans on this floor, before the tradition of the Z models continued. Contrast, attempts to mimic the Mercedes CLK not even the sports car. He is a classic 2 +2 Coupe: elegant and timeless it is properly tightened with the Stuttgart governor at every occasion.

Sports car or not - this is different especially under the hood. Asians working here in a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 206 kW/280 hp and a torque of 363 Nm at 4,800 rpm /. The performance can be neither subjective nor objective desired. 0 - 100 km / h is measured in 6.1 seconds, top speed of 250 km / h. The rear-wheel drive is greedy on the gas, and shows that he wants more. Especially on the road to the Z is hard to beat. Eagerly he goes to the corners at racing speed.



Who cares about the consumption?

This contrasts with the Mercedes CLK 500 is a completely different concept. Here is a sonorous rumbling V8 engine performs with relish his work. 226 kW/306 hp from five liters of displacement - not more to say about the gem you. The zest is also cut short at 250 km / hr. The sprint 0 to 100 km / h, it creates in 6.2 seconds. Min from 2.700 U / beefy 460 Nm are available. Moreover, the adaptive accelerator pedal to match the driving style of the driver. But instead of enthusiasm on the road on the 500 freeway on the most. From 190 pace he is almost unbeatable. A perfect compromise between sportiness and comfort.

Both vehicles weigh more than 1,600 kg. Anyone interested in those stories had for consumption? The Nissan approved test average compared to just under 12 liters per 100 km. The eight-cylinder engine of the CLK swallowed 14.9 liters - five liters are now calling their toll again. While fit into the 350 Z 80 liter fuel tank, the thirstier Mercedes do with meager 62 liters.

Not to forget the daily benefit. Yet because of the concept as a generous class coupe this fight goes to the Mercedes. He has room for up to four people. The Nissan is seen behind the front seats only one wall and a dark sports strut bar with marrowy "Z-imprint". The seats of the CLK 500 is comfortable, sporty and can be almost infinitely adjustable. The use of seats and dashboard is almost perfect. Clear instruments and control units - to a high quality finish. It is almost impossible.



Nissan's price fight

Can not compete because the Nissan 350 Z. Dashboard and interior could use a stay at the beauty farm well. Light switch on the turn signal lever, and a little switch hidden high center console - there are copies in the B grade. After all, is the control of the Z in the hand better than the Swabian variant. During the boot of the 350 Z a mere contemplative swallow 235 liters, it can be stowed in the CLK 200 liters more.

With the equipment itself shows a similar picture. The Nissan 350 Z leaves with the 2,000-euro premium pack something for everybody. Electric leather seats, cruise control and stereo system. Sensible, the navigation system for 2199 €, the parking aid (269 €) and the forged wheel set (1,000 €). The earring costs including the safety equipment under 40,000 euros - a real competitive price.



Sports car with everyday utility

The price level looks at the Mercedes CLK 500 on the other hand certainly different. The basic configuration is for a starting price of € 57 478 too meager. After all, there are all standard safety features, power seats and automatic transmission. But with the usual extras such as navigation system (2,842 €), xenon light (1,125 €), parking aid (expensive euro 765) and leather seats (from 1879 €), you can push the price well above the 60,000 mark. Luxury, but in this class quite befitting - Keyless Go for € 1183 and the intelligent Adaptive cruise control Distronic for 1740 €.

Unusual, but true: Anyone looking for a sports car for everyday use, comes at the Nissan 350 Z is a must. He offers not only competitive price sensational driving pleasure and has no real weaknesses. The Mercedes CLK 500 is a perfect coupe. Who wants to surprise with cool understatement so many sports car drivers, is served with the 500 grand. But for most of the 11,000 € should extend favorable CLK 320th.


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