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Classic mustang air conditioning

The repair of cars air conditioning is sometimes compared to the work of a detective. Problems can arise anywhere in the air conditioning system, and sometimes not possible to identify the exact nature of the problem. As a consequence, we usually contact a mechanic touches versed in the repair of such systems.

The air conditioning can be ruined by leaks in the system, low coolant levels, blockages in the condensers, or failure in the compressor. Some of these problems are simple and can be handled by yourself, and others are more complex especially in the case of classic mustang air conditioning will need an experienced hand.

There are some factors you need to know to troubleshoot 1967 mustang air conditioning. We have 5 points that we need to know, such as the compressor, refrigerator, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. In some vehicles, expansion valves and accumulators can be changed.

A good shop can locate leaks without gutting the engine and separate parts. In conjunction with the basic components outlined above, other accessories may also be part of the repair process, such as switches, fuses, wiring and ventilation belt.

The arrangement of an air conditioner can be expensive. Most stores sell parts separately, sell these parts at a high price. Therefore, we must try to make a good maintenance when we review the car regularly.

If you've noticed that lately the car is not cooling properly, may be due to various reasons. The first reason we can come to mind is that the coolant is low. Another reason is that the condenser is dirty. This device is usually mounted in front of the radiator. Often full of leaves, insects and other dirt that gets to the road. They may simply cleaning the device, the problem is fixed.

Another element that may be malfunctioning, the condenser cooling fan. The capacitor usually bring their own separate electric fan. If the problem is mechanical, then our knowledge may not be enough. In any case we agree to have it resolved before the time of the summer driving and high temperatures.

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