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Choose A Body Shop To Repair Your Car

Being involved in an accident when my car was only three months old, repainted and then making do while restoring an old vehicle of ten years I have had some experience with body repair shops.

There are different types of body shops out there that because we are all seeking the same quality of work. The first rule I'll give is that you get what you pay for. If you want to pay $ 599.00 for your entire car painted, that's fine. It can be a huge improvement over how your car looked initially, but I would not have met in any case mentioned above. I want the old car three months looks like it looked the day I bought it, and paint on the hood of that car ten year old sports had to match the rest of the car perfectly.

The best way to find a body repair shop like Spectrum Auto is probably the same way you found it auto mechanic, word of mouth. Chatting with friends and work associates, ask your mechanic. Talk to your neighbors and get their opinions. Everyone knows someone who has had a good or bad experience. Listen when people talk about their cars and experiences it has had. I called the representation where he had bought my car for a referral.

When you think you've narrowed down to a particular shop, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged. Remember that you can find is some, but no business can keep everyone happy. Talk to the store manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Take a look around the store. Is it kept clean? There will be sparkling clean due to the type of work, but you should not see dust and filth and chemicals spilled on floors.

Ask to see their work. They should have before and after pictures of their work and also have cars that are currently working on. Are letters of recommendation? Many letters to the survival of the business customers happy.

Do you provide warranties? Some body shops offer a limited warranty.

Finally, use your gut. How are you interacting with? Are you taking the time to answer your questions fully or seem put off by them? If they seem put off, it's time to look elsewhere.

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