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Car headlights: how to save energy by choosing the right lamps

What are the best options for car headlights or driving lights? The halogen lights are those used to date. Now they are mainly two types of car headlights: those with and those with LED lights Xenon lights. The xenon lights are the choice for the most powerful, such as low beam, high beam and fog lights, while the LED lights are designed to stop, reverse, turn signals, rear fog lights, doors, dash, license plate and lights. All those in which it is necessary to have high visibility, which has led in the instant of ignition timing. When you need powerful lighting xenon is better.

Car halogen headlight
They are the lights of the old generation. The gas found in the bulb are added iodine, krypton and xenon in some cases allowing the heating of the filament up to 3000 K, in order to increase the luminous efficiency and move up the color temperature. In the halogen tungsten evaporates due to the high temperature and reacts with the gas to form a tungsten halide. After the mixture into contact with the hot filament decomposition and re-deposited tungsten on the filament creating a cycle that is called halogen cycle. This makes the life of a halogen lamp may be the double of a normal incandescent, despite the filament is hotter. The limits of these devices are related issue of ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human eye. The benefits however are represented by the light output of a halogen lamp, with the whiter light than a standard bulb, which is higher than at least 50%, with a useful life that varies from 2,000 to 6,000 hours. As with all types of light are very important for road safety.

Xenon car headlights
The xenon lights illuminate road area wider than that of halogen lights with more power and lower consumption. This is due to the high-tech xenon lighting is no longer based on a hot filament, but on a particular gas, which is crossed by an electric discharge, it becomes a source of light. The amount of lumens produced per watt consumed is five times greater than a halogen bulb. The xenon headlights therefore consume less than un'alogena. After the initial high intensity electrical discharge that triggers when the lamp is fully operational, the absorption drops to a 55Watt 35Watt against un'alogena. Xenon headlights are also complement the aesthetics of any car, thanks to the many shades of colors available are choices that can make even more beautiful from the point of view of style their cars. A xenon kit is priced at 70 euros.

LED car headlights
LED technology has not yet reached a point of light to compete with low cost and xenon headlights are not yet available solutions such as LED low beam headlights and fog lights. But they are best for what concerns the savings through efficiency that appears to be superior to all other lighting technology. This leads to consumption that are even lower than those of a xenon kit, also the 'LED lighting system reaches maximum power instantly, without heating times. The LEDs do not require maintenance and can last longer than any other lighting technology. They have an infinite life on paper, not burnt out and not lose color over time, but they are delicate. Unlike xenon and halogen lamps, LEDs emit light in a clean and focused beam point, reducing the scattering and illuminating well. As for the Xenon, which initially cost more than 700 euros, today led a lighthouse can cost around 300 euros.

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