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Buy new or used car?

Buying a car is most of the time, a pleasant enough experience as it means solving a necessity as stop suffering by mechanical failure of your old car or listening to music that you like and not the driver or minibus driver. The experience can become unpleasant if we make a purchase that does not meet real needs or suffer to pay and maintain a car beyond our financial means.

A late model car is fantastic. The ability to choose the color that best fits your personality, add equipment and accessories that may not need but they look good and the satisfaction of leaving a sales price may not be happy but, unfortunately, if it has and is up to 20 % of invoice that will evaporate before the auto scroll the first kilometers. It is called depreciation.

To this cost must be added an insurance premium to be higher a late model, holding (at the federal level is eliminated next year for non-luxury cars, but some states may decide to continue the collection), the tax on new cars (2 %) and the cost of credit if you decide to pay interest on something that will "evaporate". The culmination of the "auto-financing" comes when the unconscious betrays us and ended up agreeing to pay a monthly fee that exceeds our ability to pay, because, much new car but empty refrigerator.

A kind used car does not have to be a clunker. Simply choose a model with two years of use to circumvent the ghost of accelerated depreciation. This car will still have years of life ahead and pay a smaller amount for insurance and taxes. You can buy recent models cars from

Big Motoring World

where we find new models cars are list for sale.

To maximize the experience of

buying a used car

it is best to stay away from automotive swap meet and buy in an agency advantages? Agencies do not take any auto consignment of dubious origin and have mechanical service ensure that the car is in excellent condition plus they offer warranty on it? Another plus? You will get a bill in your name, so if you are an independent professional or entrepreneur (and your turn justifies the use of a car) can make your purchase tax deductible.

What car to buy? Whoever meets your needs. Not those of the seller to increase your commission nor an ego needed to dazzle the neighbors. Locates models with lower rates of theft because they pay lower insurance premiums and compare the cost of services as there is big difference between maintaining brand to brand.

If there is no choice but to rely on credit, be sure to cover at least 50% of the cost with the hitch and the monthly payment is for an amount of money you have left each month currently . Stay away from the "we'll see", the "if you can" and "God will provide" and promises that Divine Providence home and sustenance but aluminum wheels and leather seats.

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