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Brabus E V12 800 Cabriolet


The strongest and fastest four-seater convertible in the world

With 800 hp / 588 kW BRABUS builds 800 V12 Biturbo twelve-cylinder displacement engine in the body of an open Mercedes E-Class BRABUS E V12 legendary family continues. Like its brethren is the BRABUS E V12 Cabriolet, a high-performance car of superlatives: the up to 370 km / h, special model is the strongest and fastest four-seater convertible in the world and is built to order with prices starting at € 478 000.



The BRABUS engineers used for the construction of this supercar, the know-how, with the construction of numerous e V12 sedans and coupes were collected. In precision work, the Brabus V12 biturbo engine 800 has been implanted with a reinforced five-speed automatic in the engine compartment of the E-Class convertible.

The most powerful BRABUS power plant palette is based on the three-valve V12 of the latest Mercedes S 600 In-house engine, this engine is revised in detail. A special crankshaft with longer stroke, larger pistons in conjunction with larger cylinder bores extended the displacement from 5.5 to 6.3 liters. Further modifications to the inner workings of the machine are optimized flow cylinder heads and the installation of sport camshafts.

Also detail the engine peripherals are revised: Two Spezialkrümmer integrated with larger turbochargers ensure an even more efficient charging. The Brabus biturbo system is provided by four water-cooled charge air cooler supplements, which also contribute significantly to yield outstanding performance. The stainless steel high performance exhaust system with metal catalysts and four tailpipes made especially for the E-Class Convertible.

The inlet side is also a completely new design: Among the specially designed hood with integrated RAM-Air carbon intake system is a completely newly designed intake manifold space.

All performance-enhancing measures are coordinated perfectly with newly programmed mapping for the electronic engine management.

The Brabus V12 biturbo powertrain 800, which is lubricated with high-performance lubricants from technology partner ARAL, transforms the four-seater convertible in the world's most powerful and fastest car in its class. 800 hp / 588 kW at 5,500 r / min and a maximum torque of 1420 Nm, which is limited in the car electronically to 1,100 Nm are as unique as its driving performance.

The power convertible, which is fitted with a BRABUS high-performance differential with 40 percent locking effect and slingshot in just 3.7 seconds to 100 km After 9.9 seconds, the exclusive automobile is already 200 km / h fast. The 300 km / h mark is passed after 23.9 seconds. The speed of the BRABUS E V12 Cabriolet 800, depending on the final drive at up to 370 km h /



Sophisticated aerodynamics at the enormously high speeds that can reach this car, driving stability and safety for elementary active. The sporty yet elegant BRABUS body components were given their finishing touches in the wind tunnel and made to be like in Formula 1 from ultra-lightweight, yet high-strength carbon fiber.

The BRABUS front bumper is shaped so that reduces lift at the front and the cooler of the V12 and the front brakes are optimally supplied with fresh air. The air vents on the sides carry the hot air in the shortest way back away from the heat exchangers. With the integrated LED daytime running lights, the E V12 Cabriolet also be identified in the rearview mirror before.

To increase the directional stability at extremely high speeds and cornering speeds continue to broaden the body of the BRABUS E-Class convertible. For the front fenders were designed completely new sport, increase the width of the track and thus allow the installation of ultra-wide 9.5Jx19 wheels with 265/30 ZR 19 tires.

Special carbon fender essays make the BRABUS E V12 convertible for the rear axle 60 millimeters wide. Make room for ten-inch-wide wheels with high performance tires up to 295/30 ZR 19 in the technology partner Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA.

Professional and detailed work in the chassis: Especially for the BRABUS E V12 Cabriolet designed special suspension components for front and rear axle, which offer greater bandwidth to individual suspension settings. In addition, a specially tuned to the higher engine weight BRABUS coil-over suspension that was developed jointly with Bilstein. This can not only around ten times to be adjusted individually to train and rebound, but also in height in a margin of 35 mm.

The extremely high performance of the BRABUS is easily grown high-performance braking system. It consists of 380 x 37 mm, internally ventilated and grooved steel discs and 12-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the front axle. At the rear, 360 x 28 millimeter brake discs with six-piston aluminum fixed calipers are used.

Of course, owns the BRABUS E V12 Cabriolet also a very exclusive interior. The vehicle number 1, the small series, the BRABUS Middle East in Dubai, the company's own branch of the United Arab Emirates, was presented to the public, is also out of line. The cockpit presents itself as a perfectly crafted blend of red lipstick and black leather.

Sporty highlights are ergonomically shaped BRABUS steering wheel and that the real carbon fiber inlays on dashboard, center console and side panels. The speedometer to 400 km / h already documented in the state of the unique performance potential of the open four-seater.


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