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Audi S5 Sportback

Audi has a range of sporting version called S, that is becoming more members, first were the S3 and S5, but then came the S4, S5 and S5 sportback now, or what it is, the racing version of the A5 5 door. Although the same name as the S version of the coupe does not share with it the Super V8 engine, but in this case the German house, we assume that for reasons of pollution have mounted under the hood of the S5 Sportback, the V6 with compressor performance based of 333 horses. The change is hardly noticeable in driving and the biggest kick of the turbocharged engine makes you forget the more than 17 horses have the V8, but the hum of this is missing.

Aesthetically S5 Sportback barely distinguishable from the rest of A5, only the logo of S5 and larger wheels hint at the potential of our guest today. Personally I prefer the anonymity at the festival of ailerons and spoilers for other brands to endorse its most benefits and services.

The S5 Sportback is a great versatile car, can be used daily and even go into circuit and not out of tune.

The range of the A5 Sportback, culminating with the S5 is composed of 9 engines, including five petrol between 160 and 333 horses and four diesels from 143 to 240 horsepower. Depending on the version change is 6 speed manual, multitronic Automatic (CVT) or Stronic (double clutch). There are also several models equipped with all wheel drive Quattro.

The S5 comes standard with a lot of equipment including sports seats marked with the name of the model and noted for their excellent support and high comfort.
The interior of the S5 Sportback is marked by the inclination of the roof and its low altitude, not be narrow but the inner height is somewhat less of a saloon to use, just about anyone can find a good accommodation, either in front or rear seats , but access will be harder against higher we are.
The driving position is great, with multiple regulations, both the power seat and the steering wheel; allow us to find the right position.
The dashboard is very similar to the S5 coupe, quality, ergonomic and functional; all indicators are easily read and easy to interact.
Behind surprising space available to passengers, both height and especially for the legs, that if the transmission tunnel to prevent a third occupant be comfortable.
The trunk is very capable, with 480 liters, can carry much luggage.

This engine is notable for the immediacy of throttle response, the 333 horses are shown at all times and no gaps in power, coupled with the superb gear dual-clutch automatic and 7 relationships, we feel we bring a car even more powerful .
This 3-liter direct injection powered by a compressor is a new block wills gradually adopting other brand models. Its great virtue is a high performance with reasonable consumption. -Stopping performance, self-limited top speed of 250 km / h in 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100. The S5 comes standard with the effective wheel drive Quattro system gives you extra safety and traction. The use approved by the mark of 9.5 is very optimistic, relaxed driving that we could not get off of 11 liters and up a bit the piston is heading to 15.

The Ingolstadt company has very fucking far to get their vehicles are extremely effective but also not a table. This S5 Sportback is a prime example of this good work. We lead with the knife between their teeth with almost no uncombed, but at the same time we can travel hundreds of miles on the motorway without getting tired. In town its downside is the poor visibility and drive deep down, we subtracted confidence and forward vision is poor. When parking, the 4.71 meters penalize rather find parking, but once found, is very manageable. As we mentioned on motorways is a good ally, quiet, poised and very fast, allows the realization of long journeys. The roads are its preferred habitat, supported by some excellent brakes can enjoy a great time at toning sections, always rolling away from its limits.

The S5 Sportback, has two enemies, the Mercedes CLS and Passat CC, each has its own personality, as the model of the star is more bourgeois like the Volkswagen, the latter is the cheapest, followed by S5, but we think the Audi is the most complete, both benefit as per image.

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