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Audi Q5 hybrid quattro

No, he does not pay. At least not economically and not in Germany. The Audi Q5 hybrid clubs the performance of a six-cylinder with the consumption of a four-cylinder, rave, the Ingolstadt. Right. But who in this country an Audi Q5 as a hybrid version is in the garage, which does certainly not to save, thanks to the reduced consumption compared to petrol money.

For are moved out to the 12 350 € extra cost to the normal 2.0-liter TFSI to the same, but not just electrically assisted gasoline engine in the gas station, a car goes life is not safe. And even if one looks at the bill adjusted for equipment, it is still not reached. Very bad the economic settlement provides for diesel from - the Q5 3.0 TDI delivers roughly the same performance as the overall package in the Q5 hybrid of the four wheels pulverized, converted to the diesel price to many dollars in its combustion chambers and is less expensive to buy just under 5,000 € . Do not use nails in vain for about 85% of the 2010 Audi Q5 sold in Germany than diesel over the roads.

Hybrids like the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro and its larger relatives of VW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche & Co. are also less than target the domestic market because of the growth markets in Asia and the USA. There, Diesel is playing in the car as good as irrelevant and even costly image campaigns of the German premium manufacturer can not get him out of the corner Yuck. Who's there ie environmentally sound way will be that orders a car with a hybrid engine.

Head for Power Meter

At least visually, the hybrid Q5 is not much different from its conventionally powered brethren. From outside the 4.63 long 1.9-ton truck at most of the side and rear-mounted "Hybrid" logo is seen on the rims in turbine design, the single-frame grill painted black or the chrome panels on the tailpipes. Only he who creates the centimeter rod is seen that the hybrid with 1.63 meters is a bit lower on the road than his brothers. A drag coefficient of 0.32 is the reward for it.

Interior has also changed little: Lots of room front and back, comfortable seats, quality materials and workmanship - as before. Only when you sit in the driving seat and pressed the start button to show the differences. Instead of a tachometer to the left of speedometer found there a "Power Meter" that gives information in percent how much power is being retrieved. At full throttle, the pointer can drive up to the "boost" the area beyond the 100%, it hangs down below the 0%, indicating that energy is fed back into the battery. Most of all it has the Q5, when the needle is in the green zone, either because it is completely electrically driven, or at least fuel-efficient.

A button on the dashboard can at least signal that you want to go electric and preferably without a combustion engine. With constant 60 km / h then about three kilometer range were in there before the gasoline engine must be once again take over the work. Let pure electric drive it up to a speed of 100 km / h. A first exit to the Q5 as well as the hybrid that after the launch, at least for a while can be electrically cruiser - as long as you deal sensitively with the foot on the accelerator and the percentage pointer even when accelerating always beautiful in the green zone holds. At least from the first appearance by the Q5, it keeps much longer than hybrid "electric car" because most of his colleagues.

Proven gasoline

Most current hybrid models also carry conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries around with them. Under the cargo floor of the Q5 hybrid but much more efficient and easier to store lithium-ion batteries to power. The 36.7-pound battery pack is made up of 72 cells, their nominal energy at a voltage of 266 volts 1.3 kWh and its power is 39 kW. Audi has placed the air-cooled battery into a crash-proof area below the cargo floor in the rear. This ensures that the cargo is in theory but in practice hardly limited. Of the officially 540 liters luggage space, the Q5 has to be imputed back seat usually, 80 liters are provided as a storage compartment under the cargo floor. The fall in the hybrid away now. What remains is a trunk of 460 liters, which can be extended by folding down the rear seat to 1480 liters.

For security reasons, the complete high-voltage network of conductive connections to the rest of the vehicle. Once the seat belt tensioners and the airbags are triggered, the lines also automatically switch the power supply.

As gasoline engine uses Audi's proven 2.0 TFSI engine from the VW Group Regal: 1984 cc displacement, 155 kW/211 hp, together with a maximum torque of 350 Nm 1500-4200 tours, gasoline direct injection and turbocharging - with the finest, what to provide the group with four cylinders has. For the hybrid operation, the unit was again revised. Were adapted as the storage of the crankshaft and the fine tuning of the turbo, just deleted the drive of the ancillaries.

Sailing in SUV

The Hybrid Manager, which governs the transition of modes is integrated in the ECU of the engine. The switch from electric to the combustion mode while driving because hardly felt - only a minimal rise in noise level as a reminder. Combustion engine and electric motor work in boost mode for a short time added together, the system performance to 180 kW/245 hp and maximum torque of 480 Nm.

As an electric motor serves a "permanent magnet synchronous machine" - nice name. It also takes over the function of the starter and - at the deceleration - that of the generator. They are up from 40 kW/54 hp and a torque of 210 Nm. The disc-shaped electric motor is installed to replace the torque converter in the eight-speed automatic transmission. The automatic from ZF is working very well together with the hybrid combination - the transitions are hardly noticeable and fit perfectly. Only when accelerating from low speeds, the automatic out bumps often visits.

Switching can be automatically optimized efficiency in the D-position or in sport mode, which then, however, is not a pure electric operation. Add to this the ability to manually switch on paddles on the steering wheel. By the pace of 160 km / h is the "Sailing" is possible: the Audi can be worn with decoupled from the drive train and its own momentum slip away. In any case, the Q5 hybrid makes for relaxed driving style the most.

The only one

Officially, the consumption of the Audi Q5 hybrid, on average amount to just 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers - 1.2 liters less than with pure gasoline. The CO 2 emissions is 159 g / km. Like the hybrid practice of consumption in the city, where the electric motor can let off steam at the most effective, with 6.6 liters, well below the consumption on roads and highways, for the Audi indicates an average of 7.1 liters. In reality, at least the extra-urban consumption was significantly higher. In the hilly and twisty test in Mallorca hinterland - not exactly the ideal course for a hybrid - the onboard computer showed a consumption of over nine liters.

With a base price of € 53 700 is the most expensive hybrid, the Q5 in the catalog of Ingolstadt. But who is looking for alternatives that will hardly find in this area anyway. Hybrid SUV found generally higher first a class, and often much higher prices: BMW X6 (103,000 €), Lexus RX 450h (59 950 €), Porsche Cayenne Hybrid (78 993 €), VW Touareg Hybrid (74,500 €). In the direct competitors of the Q5 series need not only look: BMW X3, Mercedes GLK & Co. must now do without a hybrid version.


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