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Are You Ready to Restore Your First Classic?


The task of restoring a classic vehicle is one many dream of. The key to conquering such a complex, time-consuming, and rewarding venture is being fully prepared before you drop a down payment. As you begin searching for that perfect automobile that is just calling for the touch of a skilled hand like yours, there are a few imperative questions that you should ask yourself.

Can Your Wallet Handle This?

Have you considered the details of your budget? How much money are you willing to spend on parts, tools, and the vehicle itself? Have you saved enough to begin, or will you be requesting a loan from your bank? If you are taking the route of a loan, have you been pre-approved? Nothing is worse than finding something you want, only to have the bank crush your hopes and dreams with their big, heart-breaking “DECLINED” stamp. To cut down on your spending, educate yourself on the market, hunt for used parts, and always check for discounts and deals before you swipe your card! Groupon provides a heap of awesome discount codes at this link for Advance Auto Parts.

Are Your Goals Realistic?

It is important to take the time to draft out your restoration plans from the first step, to the very last. Obvious steps to include would be to purchase the beauty, get the parts, and make a masterpiece. While the dream sounds great, make sure to fine tune your strategy. Have you considered the amount of time your project will take? Draft time-oriented goals. Vehicle restoration can become a very consuming obsession. Set your time limits and adjust them accordingly. Incorporate your practical allotted budget and STICK TO IT. Decide how you’ll divvy the money, whether it’s by parts, months, or paychecks.

Have You Done the Research?

You would never begin a long, costly journey with blind ambition set on the destination, with only an inkling of a clue as to the many unpredictable, unstable steps that will lead you there, right? Right! Just as you would never begin a process as complicated as restoring a classic vehicle without reading books, blogs, columns, forums, and articles on the subject! Having a little experience on hand, or speaking with someone who does, definitely wouldn’t hurt. The act of restoring an automobile is rigged with unexpected obstacles that may take a toll on your end result and your wallet. Give yourself the time to become well-versed on the topic before you invest.

When you know that your goals are realistic, your wallet can handle the expenses, and you’re well-informed on the subject, you’re ready to pursue the dream! With detailed plans and schedules, your new exciting task will go – if only slightly – much smoother! Good luck!

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